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Naafil (supererogatory) fasts

106484 - She fasted to make up days from Ramadaan without her husband’s permission 39991 - Whoever breaks the fast when making up a missed Ramadaan fast only has to make up one day 130647 - His mother died owing the fasts of two Ramadans 21049 - Making up missed obligatory fasts during the days of Tashreeq is not valid 39234 - It is not permissible to give money instead of food for the fidyah for not fasting 134087 - He should make up what he owes first, then fast on behalf of the deceased 34564 - Fasting with the intention of both making up a missed fast and observing a voluntary fast 148228 - She used not to fast during Ramadaan when she first reached puberty; should she make them up now that she has grown up? 122319 - Ruling on paying fidyah for delaying making up missed fasts before making them up 130283 - He died owing two days of Ramadan because he was sick; what should his children do? 131541 - Her period was longer than usual on several occasions. What should she do with regard to fasting? 81030 - Making up fasts on behalf of one who died after not fasting in Ramadaan due to sickness 132273 - Is it obligatory to feed sixty poor persons in one go? Can he feed his family with what he offers as expiation (kafaarah)? 132421 - He wants to delay making up Ramadan fasts until winter because the days are shorter 106477 - There is nothing wrong with making up Ramadaan by fasting days separately 21710 - Delaying making up fasts 26865 - Delaying making up Ramadaan fasts until the next Ramadaan begins 130880 - Interrupting consecutive fasting for expiation because of sickness does not matter 40389 - Should he start with the six days of Shawwaal before making up missed fasts, if there are not enough days left? 38355 - It is permissible to fast on the second day of Shawwaal?