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Naafil (supererogatory) fasts

39742 - Is it essential to offer expiation as well as making up missed fasts, if a person delayed making them up with no excuse? 110757 - Was our breaking the fast wrong and do we have to make up the 30th day of Ramadan? 40695 - She did not make up her missed fasts for many years 112015 - He drank something after Fajr during a voluntary fast. Does he have to offer expiation? 38867 - She fasted the days of her period out of ignorance – what should she do? 112102 - How can he make up missed fasts? 81093 - If a person did not fast at all in Ramadaan, does he have to make up 30 days or the number of days that were in the month? 106483 - He fasted the day of ‘Arafah with the intention of making up a day from Ramadaan 106488 - Should he fast on behalf of his father who died in Ramadaan? 106478 - Her sickness had no hope of a cure then Allaah healed her 106449 - She fell unconscious in Ramadaan then she died 105846 - He broke the fast on several days because of the secret habit 49667 - She does not remember whether she made up the days that she owed or not 49848 - She claims that there is no evidence that a woman who menstruates has to make up missed fasts 39864 - If a person breaks his fast on a day when he was making up a missed fast, does he have to fast three days? 49000 - It is not permissible for one who has started an obligatory fast to break it without a legitimate shar’i reason 50632 - He had intercourse with his wife when she was making up a Ramadaan fast. What should they do? 50692 - She did not fast for many days because she was unaware of the ruling and does not know how many days they were 50067 - Does the one who fails to fast with no excuse have to make up the fast? 97798 - Her family forced her to break her fast because she was sick – were they sinning? Can she fast if she wants to?