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Naafil (supererogatory) fasts

49000 - It is not permissible for one who has started an obligatory fast to break it without a legitimate shar’i reason 50632 - He had intercourse with his wife when she was making up a Ramadaan fast. What should they do? 50692 - She did not fast for many days because she was unaware of the ruling and does not know how many days they were 50067 - Does the one who fails to fast with no excuse have to make up the fast? 97798 - Her family forced her to break her fast because she was sick – were they sinning? Can she fast if she wants to? 95736 - Delaying making up fasts until after the second Ramadaan – should she pay the fidyah before making it up? 83997 - Not Praying Causes Distress and Anxiety 65635 - Are these people obliged to fast? Are they obliged to make up the fast? 65803 - Is it permissible for him to break his fast because his work is difficult? 72216 - He does not remember the number of prayers and fasts that he owes. What should he do? 47982 - She did not make up the Ramadaan fasts that she owed for nine years 50017 - He masturbated not knowing that it invalidates the fast 49794 - For pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who do not fast, they have to make up the missed fasts and it is not enough for them to feed the poor 21246 - She did not know the signs of puberty so she did not fast in Ramadaan, out of ignorance 11780 - Something came out of her following a gynaecological exam 22204 - He lost consciousness because of an accident – does he have to make up his fasts and prayers? 26212 - If a person owes days from Ramadaan and cannot remember how many they are