Mistakes made by pilgrims performing Hajj and ‘Umrah

192991 - During tawaaf he became unsure (of how many circuits he had completed), so he proceeded on the basis of what he thought was most likely to be the case. Is his tawaaf valid, or does he have to repeat it? 109227 - Advice to pilgrims who annoy their neighbours with smoking and music 109354 - He hastened to leave Mina then he found out that he had made a mistake in stoning the Jamaraat, so he went back and stoned them at night; is he still regarded as having hastened? 109224 - It is not prescribed to face towards the grave of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) when offering du ‘aa’ (supplication) 188757 - She did not complete sa‘i in ‘Umrah of tamattu‘ 109368 - He did tawaaf al-ifaadah when he was junub 195191 - He left Mina, as he was “hastening on”, but he did not do the farewell tawaaf until the following day. What is the ruling on that? 122795 - He did ‘umrah but he did not shave his head, out of ignorance, and he put on his regular clothes 110804 - How should a woman cut her hair in Hajj and ‘Umrah? 36823 - Mistakes made during the Farewell tawaaf 34270 - Mistakes made when entering ihraam for Hajj on the day of al-Tarwiyah 36847 - Mistakes made when cutting the hair or shaving the head 33738 - Mistakes made by people in ihraam 34420 - Mistakes that are made when stoning the Jamaraat 109363 - He left ‘Arafaat before Maghrib because he was sick 34380 - Woman doing Hajj with a group of women and with no mahram 171308 - Uncertainty about the number of circuits of tawaaf and how to reconcile between two scholarly opinions 146591 - She had an abortion and she did Hajj even though she was still bleeding 148212 - He exited ihram before completing ‘umrah, then he came back a few days later and completed it 45684 - The farewell tawaaf is obligatory for the people of Jeddah