Mawaaqeet (points from which pilgrims enter ihraam)

106771 - Rulings on one who goes to Jeddah for work or to visit, then does ‘Umrah 36606 - It is difficult for him to enter ihraam in the plane – what should he do? 106547 - There is nothing wrong with praying the two sunnah rak’ahs following wudoo’ and entering ihraam after that, even if one does not usually do that 109279 - He came to Jeddah not intending to do ‘umrah, then he decided to do ‘umrah and entered ihraam from Jeddah 101549 - The reason why gold is forbidden for men 97595 - He has a house in al-Sharaa’i’ [in Makkah] and another in al-Taa’if; from where should he enter ihraam? 69934 - Passing by the miqaat without entering ihram when intending to do ‘Umrah or Hajj 90074 - If a Makkan goes out to al-Taa’if but he intends to perform Hajj, does he have to enter ihraam? 34902 - From where did the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) enter ihraam? 40965 - From where should a person who did not pass the meeqaat enter ihraam? 41978 - The meeqaat for the people of Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia 34594 - He wants to do ‘Umrah on behalf of himself and his deceased father 36359 - He is going to travel to Jeddah and he does not know whether he will be able to do Hajj or not 36402 - Preparing to enter ihraam approximately three hours before reaching the meeqaat 36946 - The meeqaat is the meeqaat of the one who is delegated to do Hajj 33798 - Passing the meeqaat without entering ihraam 32845 - Confusion about the meeqaat for the people of Makkah when doing ‘Umrah 34183 - Meeqaat for pilgrims from Australia 37734 - The meeqaat for ‘Umrah for those who live in Jeddah 12239 - The one who intended to do Hajj or ‘Umrah does not have to do anything if he passed the meeqaat and forgot to enter ihraam, then he went back and entered ihraam