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Sifat al-Hajj wa’l-‘Umrah (Description of Hajj and ‘Umrah)

127398 - He entered ihram and did not stipulate that he would exit ihram if something prevented him from continuing, then he was prevented from entering Makkah and he went back to his country 145246 - He broke his wudoo’ during tawaaf and completed that circuit, then he did wudoo’ 109174 - There is no specific supplication (du‘aa’) for each circuit of tawaaf or lap of saa‘i 109183 - It is not permissible to change ihram from tamattu‘ to ifraad 31822 - Description of Hajj 109179 - It is not prescribed to utter the intention for Hajj or for ‘Umrah 48027 - Sincerity in Hajj 11574 - What should the menstruating woman do when she enters ihraam? 34744 - Du’aa’s during ‘Umrah 40512 - She entered ihraam for ‘umrah, then she decided not to do it. What does she have to do? 148814 - Can the pilgrim in ihram rest in the hotel before doing ‘Umrah? 144830 - Extending the time limit for standing in ‘Arafah until dawn on the Day of Sacrifice 26228 - Saying Takbeer at the end of Tawaaf 34695 - Is tahaarah a prerequisite for tawaaf and saa’i? 147282 - If he has women with him, can he trot and jog (in tawaaf and saa‘i)? 106612 - He hastened and did the farewell tawaaf then he was forced to go back to Mina and stay there overnight 109277 - He did the farewell tawaaf at night but was not able to leave Makkah until the following morning 106568 - Can he do ghusl for ‘Umrah a day beforehand? 109280 - For how long is it obligatory to stay in Mina after offering the sacrifice? 106577 - Is there a set limit on the time between tawaaf and saa’i?