Sifat al-Hajj wa’l-‘Umrah (Description of Hajj and ‘Umrah)

109292 - When do the pilgrims doing Hajj and ‘Umrah exit their ihram? 126231 - The evidence for the ritual of stoning the Jamaraat during Hajj 125711 - Evidence for the ritual of stoning the Jamaraat during Hajj 39814 - She did not do the tawaaf of ‘Umrah because she was menstruating 96095 - Ruling on stoning the Jamaraat at night and before the meridian 45051 - If a muta’ajjil (pilgrim who hastened on or left early) returns to Mina, is he still regarded as a muta’ajjil? 39730 - She performed ‘Umrah a number of times but she did not cut her hair; what is the ruling? 36870 - Delaying Tawaaf al-ifaadah so that one may do it when leaving 106549 - There is nothing wrong with the strong leaving Muzdalifah with the weak if they are a single group 14632 - He tried to stay overnight in Muzdalifah but was not able to – what is the ruling? 82077 - The extent of cutting and shaving that is acceptable after completing Hajj and ‘Umrah 106596 - Trotting between the two markers in saa’i should be done in all laps 109276 - He did tawaaf in the courtyard of the mosque and completed his tawaaf on the upper level 43274 - He thought that hastening to depart from Mina early meant leaving it even if one has not stoned the Jamaraat 36438 - He intended to do tamattu’ and he did ‘Umrah, but then he left and did not do Hajj 106592 - He delayed saa’i until after the days of al-tashreeq 85368 - He forgot one circuit of tawaaf and he did it after completing saa’i 109314 - He stayed overnight outside of Muzdalifah because of the crowds 48994 - He traveled and did not stone the Jamaraat on the 12th of Dhu’l-Hijjah 87761 - She stoned the jamaraat before the meridian out of ignorance and following others