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Sifat al-Hajj wa’l-‘Umrah (Description of Hajj and ‘Umrah)

40512 - She entered ihraam for ‘umrah, then she decided not to do it. What does she have to do? 148814 - Can the pilgrim in ihram rest in the hotel before doing ‘Umrah? 144830 - Extending the time limit for standing in ‘Arafah until dawn on the Day of Sacrifice 26228 - Saying Takbeer at the end of Tawaaf 34695 - Is tahaarah a prerequisite for tawaaf and saa’i? 147282 - If he has women with him, can he trot and jog (in tawaaf and saa‘i)? 106612 - He hastened and did the farewell tawaaf then he was forced to go back to Mina and stay there overnight 109277 - He did the farewell tawaaf at night but was not able to leave Makkah until the following morning 106568 - Can he do ghusl for ‘Umrah a day beforehand? 109280 - For how long is it obligatory to stay in Mina after offering the sacrifice? 106577 - Is there a set limit on the time between tawaaf and saa’i? 106576 - Can the person who is doing ifraad do ‘umrah after Hajj? 109336 - It is not valid to change the intention from tamattu’ to ifraad 109328 - Should he end tawaaf with takbeer at the Black Stone? 109317 - Is it obligatory to enter the mosque through Bab al-Salaam and exit through Bab al-Wadaa’? 109292 - When do the pilgrims doing Hajj and ‘Umrah exit their ihram? 126231 - The evidence for the ritual of stoning the Jamaraat during Hajj 125711 - Evidence for the ritual of stoning the Jamaraat during Hajj 39814 - She did not do the tawaaf of ‘Umrah because she was menstruating 96095 - Ruling on stoning the Jamaraat at night and before the meridian