Sifat al-Hajj wa’l-‘Umrah (Description of Hajj and ‘Umrah)

36853 - Stoning the Jamrah on behalf of himself then on behalf of the person who delegated him to do it for them in the same standing 42402 - He forgot to cut his hair during Hajj and he has done his marriage contract 106545 - A pilgrim who is doing Qiraan cut his hair after saa’i out of ignorance 106543 - He did tawaaf on the roof of the Mas’aa (place of saa’i) because of the crowds 106611 - He remembered after he left the mosque that he had forgotten to do one of the circuits of tawaaf al-ifaadah 106550 - It is mustahabb to put on perfume before entering ihraam 49791 - Drinking from Zamzam is mustahabb, not obligatory 79347 - She entered ihraam for ‘Umrah from Makkah and forgot one or two laps of saa’i 109283 - It is not permissible to delay stoning Jamarat al-‘Aqabah until the days of al-tashreeq with no excuse 106595 - Reconciling the ahaadeeth which define where the people of Makkah should enter ihraam for ‘Umrah 106594 - First and second stages of exiting ihraam 106552 - He leads them in saying du’aa’ together in ‘Arafaat because they do not know how to say du’aa’s properly 106548 - There is nothing wrong with moving on from Muzdalifah to Makkah straight away in order to do tawaaf al-ifaadah 106551 - He wants to go out to al-Taa’if then come back to do tawaaf al-ifaadah and tawaaf al-wadaa’ 109281 - There is nothing wrong with going to ‘Arafah on the night before the ninth of Dhu’l-Hijjah for fear of the crowds 40223 - The pilgrim doing qiraan only has to do saa’i once 109305 - Is there a farewell tawaaf for ‘Umrah? 109274 - He did saa’i for ‘Umrah before tawaaf 106546 - He cut his hair but then he found out about the reward for shaving; should he shave his head after cutting his hair? 106553 - He did Hajj from Makkah; can he do a naafil tawaaf in order to do the saa’i of Hajj before standing in ‘Arafah?