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Al-Manaahi al-Lafziyyah (forbidden expressions)

179558 - Does the death of an elderly person cause calamity or a decrease in barakah (blessing) for his surviving family members? 179497 - Is it permissible to say that someone resembles the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)? 204211 - What is the ruling on a wife saying to her husband, “You are my soul; I cannot live without you”? 171925 - Is treating people equally unfairly justice? 178974 - Is it permissible to say “So and so is my benefactor (wali ni‘mati)”? 175522 - If a person commits a sin for which he deserves to be cursed, can he repent? Is it possible for Allah to forgive him? 136415 - Reviling Someone in Secret 170021 - Is the saying “If you knew the unseen you would be content with what happened to you” correct? 170599 - Comment on the du‘aa’, “I strove hard to conceal my sins, and You strove hard, my Lord, in concealing me” 158528 - Ruling of saying the word “wayl” (woe) 105366 - The du’aa’ “O Allaah, we do not ask You to overturn the decree but we ask You to help us bear its impact” 143212 - Is the supplication, “O Allah, show us a bad day for them” regarded as reviling or inveighing against time? 142606 - Can he say “Ana faatir (I am not fasting)” if he is not fasting? 42401 - Expressions used to refer to one who has died 133302 - Ruling on giving the title Sayyiduna to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and calling people by the names of Allah 132136 - A kaafir or evildoer should not be addressed as sayyid 36674 - Ruling on cursing specific people 128870 - Their saying: “The left hand does not harm you” and the response, “Your left hand is like your right” 128825 - Ruling on saying: ‘Seeing you restores my soul’ 120061 - Ruling on a pamphlet with the title: “House available, do not miss out, overlooking three things”