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Sifat al-Salaah (description of the prayer)

195331 - Cracking the knuckles is makrooh whilst praying 195880 - Was du‘aa’ al-qunoot part of the Qur’an then abrogated from the text? 173637 - Mistakes in the prayer 104163 - What is meant by dhikr and du‘aa’ at the end of the prayer? 104447 - Saying between the two prostrations: Rabb ighfir li wa li waalidayya (Lord forgive me and my parents) 163518 - Ruling on prayer if one omits some obligatory parts out of ignorance or forgetfulness 162900 - How much did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) recite in the obligatory prayers? 162985 - It is not Sunnah to say du‘aa’ following an obligatory prayer, placing the right hand on the forehead 150908 - He translates the meanings of the words of the prayer and adhkaar to himself after saying them in Arabic 116917 - Is it prescribed to repeat al-Faatihah if a person did not focus properly when he recited it in prayer? 104404 - It is makrooh to pray facing a person’s face 108275 - Sending blessings upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allaah be upon him) when he is mentioned in obligatory and naafil prayers 126599 - Ruling on member of the congregation leaving straight after the imam says the salaam 126097 - He is not sure whether he said Rabbana wa laka’l-hamd after the imam said the takbeer for prostration 108950 - Which is better, to join the imam whilst he is prostrating or to wait until he gets up? 113994 - Saying Ameen out loud in Qunoot al-nawaazil (Qunoot of calamities) 114369 - Reciting the opening takbeer quietly in a prayer in which Qur’aan is to be recited out loud 102281 - She cannot move her head because of severe pain; how should she pray? 106435 - He sneezed whilst he was praying – should he say al-hamdu Lillaah? 105310 - Sending Blessings on the Angels in the Prayer