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Issues of fasting

231997 - The adhaan is different in Ramadaan than during the rest of the year in Turkey 232136 - She wants to bring forward the time of her menses to Ramadan, because she is going to get married in Shawwaal 231735 - Her baby is 20% breastfed; can she not fast? 221422 - Some pus comes out of his penis; how should he purify himself and pray? Does that affect his fast? 221935 - She drank something because she forgot that she was fasting, and her mother told her that she had broken a fast, so she broke the fast, then she made up that day; does she have to do anything further? 221496 - Is it permissible for him to remove his body hair with a laser? Will that affect his fast? 231279 - He fasted along with the people of the city for thirty-one days, and during that time he travelled for one day, when he did not fast because of travelling; does he have to make up that day? 221219 - Which is more precise, the adhaan of the mosque or the electronic adhaan? 220838 - When should those living in tall buildings break their fast? 219806 - Is it permissible for one who is residing in a country where the days are very long to follow the timings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his fasting and prayers? 219811 - What is meant by sahoor in the hadiths that speak of its virtue is the sahoor of those who fast in particular 226100 - She formed the intention to make up a missed Ramadan fast as the adhaan for Fajr began; is her fast valid? 222113 - Whoever voluntarily swallows food remnants that are caught between his teeth, or swallows some of the water he uses to rinse out his mouth whilst doing wudoo’, has broken the fast 221295 - How should the person who lives in a country where the time between dawn and sunrise is long fast and pray? 131898 - Is it prescribed to fast so that Allah will meet his needs? 207728 - He thinks that he fasted but forgot to renew the intention 189764 - Ruling on one who is excused from fasting having intercourse during the day in Ramadan 139822 - Comment on the publication “Thirty supplications (du‘aa’s) for the thirty days of Ramadan” 128856 - A Christian who fasts in Ramadan 189529 - He engaged in foreplay with his wife during the night in Ramadan, then some maniy came out of him after the adhaan of Fajr