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Issues of fasting

37965 - How can sins happen in Ramadaan when the devils are chained up? 37711 - Eating iftaar with one whose wealth is haraam 38007 - He started fasting in London and broke his fast in Riyadh 22909 - How should the Muslim intend to fast? 189016 - He broke the fast at home before travelling, then he had intercourse with his wife; what does he have to do? 188934 - Ruling on using medicinal gel through the nose when fasting 191684 - She saw menstrual blood after breaking the fast, but she is not sure whether it came before or after breaking the fast 181351 - Soundness of the fast of one who is junub 132438 - Is it permissible for a doctor to break the fast if he becomes tired from treating patients? 192428 - When making up missed fasts, it is essential to form the intention the night before, as is required in the case of the original fast 189448 - He cannot do without nose drops in Ramadan 187093 - Her sister has Down’s syndrome; does she have to offer expiation because of not fasting? 188856 - She became Muslim in secret and feared that her family might harm her, so she broke the fast one day in Ramadan; does she have to make it up? 171235 - She cannot make up the fasts that she missed because she is too weak 93723 - How can he maintain his fast in the face of these sins? 37643 - Uttering the intention to fast out loud is an innovation (bid’ah) 129831 - Are people who live in extremely hot regions obliged to fast even though it is difficult for them? 172889 - He broke his fast when he was observing a naafil fast in order to accept an invitation to a meal; will he be rewarded for his intention to fast and accepting the invitation? 150940 - Is he responsible for the death of the one who was hurt in this accident? 156260 - He carried on eating sahoor even though he could hear the adhaan from a TV channel