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Issues of fasting

108549 - She is not sure whether she became pure before Fajr; should she pray and fast? 139126 - Ruling on taking the “Ramadan tablet”, which reduces the effect of hunger, at sahoor during the month of fasting 141646 - A surgeon loses concentration because of fasting; is it permissible for him to break the fast? 130828 - He told his wife to make food for him during the day in Ramadan! 106459 - Extravagance in offering iftaar – does it reduce the reward of fasting? 129788 - Ruling on not fasting for a pilot who is on border patrol 128398 - It is not permissible for you not to fast because of work 139252 - Getting Children Accustomed to Fasting 106531 - If he breaks the fast by eating during the day in Ramadaan so that he can have intercourse with his wife then he has to offer the expiation 1730 - Fasting in countries where the day is very short or very long 11153 - Extravagance in food and drink during Ramadaan 108229 - Can a woman who is observing ‘iddah following the death of her husband go out to pray Taraweeh and go to work? 37670 - When should the person who is travelling by plane break his fast? 81586 - She thought that she was in nifaas following a miscarriage so she did not fast or pray 112142 - Is it sufficient to drink water for sahoor? 60296 - Breaking the fast in Ramadaan because of exams 105362 - Ruling on the fasting of one who only prays in Ramadaan 112150 - Does he have to refrain from eating on the day he becomes Muslim? 78494 - Is it permissible for the owner of a restaurant to sell food to those who are not fasting and to kuffaar during the day in Ramadaan? 65955 - Is there a du’aa’ to be said at the time of sahoor?