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Issues of fasting

43041 - Employing non-Muslim workers and allowing them to eat in front of Muslims at the time of fasting 111513 - The fasting person may eat if he is not sure whether dawn has come but he may not eat if he is not sure whether the sun has set 106460 - Taking lots of baths when fasting 106527 - How should people fast whose day is very long and the sun never sets for them? 106451 - Ruling on sitting near equipment that emits steam or smoke whilst fasting 107624 - Does not wearing hijab invalidate the fast? 106482 - He travelled during Ramadaan to a country where the people started Ramadaan on a different day 38125 - Iftaar with non-Muslims 93148 - Question from China about the time of iftaar 96919 - He had a wet dream and could not do ghusl so he did wudoo’ and prayed 94824 - Her period became longer because of the IUD 78247 - Is the reward of fasting commensurate with how difficult it is? 93752 - She is sick and does not understand anything and is not aware of her surroundings. Does she have to feed the poor (in lieu of fasting)? 93793 - She saw a spot of blood – should she fast? 93435 - Is it permissible for him to prepare food for a non-Muslim son during the day in Ramadaan 68829 - She became pure after Zuhr; does she have to fast for the rest of the day? 93089 - Ruling on the fasting of a person who wrongs others 93577 - If the muezzins differ, who should be followed with regard to breaking the fast? 68992 - Travelling in order to avoid fasting? 78591 - He fasted before he reached puberty and he forgot to make up some days. Can he make them up after reaching puberty?