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Women in Ramadaan

231735 - Her baby is 20% breastfed; can she not fast? 106464 - Her nifaas (post-partum bleeding) came back when she was fasting 13738 - Taking pills to prevent period in the last ten days of Ramadaan 65875 - How can she make use of her time when she is cooking in Ramadaan? 38282 - His wife does not want to fast 128804 - If a woman fasts when she is pregnant and is bleeding 108459 - She is not sure whether she became pure before Fajr; should she pray and fast? 110860 - She fasted even though she was not sure about her ghusl following menses. Does she have to make up the fast? 106485 - She is thirteen years old and she does not fast Ramadaan 106479 - She has reached the age of puberty but she is not strong enough to fast 50063 - Does tabarruj invalidate the fast? 94839 - Her menses ended before Fajr and she started fasting without doing ghusl 79202 - Does vaginal bleeding due to surgery mean that one cannot fast? 81169 - She thought that the bleeding that results from an abortion was nifaas so she broke her fast 66571 - Can a woman who is experiencing non-menstrual vaginal bleeding (istihaadah) fast? 38703 - Some drops come out of her and she is pregnant. Should she stop praying? 65635 - Are these people obliged to fast? Are they obliged to make up the fast? 65593 - She saw the tuhr then she had some discharge – what should she do? 66062 - She was not certain that her period had ended, and she prayed and fasted 65570 - If the bleeding lasts for more than 15 days is it still regarded as menstruation, and can she fast?