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196004 - What is the ruling on eating beef that the country imports via smuggling and bribery? 107750 - He gives an employee of the company a percentage to arrange a meeting between him and the manager 170239 - Hotel employee taking commission from taxi drivers for giving them passengers 143737 - He works in a restaurant and takes tips with the knowledge of the owner 21605 - Is it permissible to give something extra to restaurant workers? 42822 - Owner of a medical laboratory giving doctors some money so that they will send their patients to him 22452 - Giving gifts in order to win contracts 132690 - Should he pay money for the employee to expedite the paperwork he needs to get married? 127193 - Can he accept help from the state? 119188 - Giving the representative money to buy from him 112128 - He got a promotion at work via bribery. Is his salary haraam? 110152 - Using an intermediary (waasitah) to avoid military service 69872 - Can he give the policeman money so that he will not fine him for breaking traffic rules? 94870 - His friend works in the airport and is going to get him a ticket for free – should he accept it? 87688 - The difference between rashwah (bribery) and wasaatah (intervention) 87864 - Ruling on representative taking gifts and tips 60183 - Should he pay money in order to get a job? 72831 - Should he give the policeman a bribe so that he won’t charge him a fine for speaking on the cell phone in the car? 72268 - Paying a bribe in order to get one’s rights 70367 - If a civil servant is given money without asking for it, can he take it?