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Issues of Pilgrimage

192543 - What is the wisdom behind slaughtering the hadiy in the Haram 226061 - A boy died and had not done Hajj; can Hajj be done on his behalf? 202149 - Is it permissible for two people to do ‘umrah on behalf of one deceased person at the same time? 188346 - Is an impediment that it is hoped will pass regarded as an excuse that makes it permissible to exit ihram during Hajj, for one who stipulated a condition when entering ihram? 219227 - Continuity between the circuits in Tawaaf is essential 192728 - He has a home in Jeddah and he went back to it before doing tawaaf al-ifaadah and tawaaf al-wadaa‘, to wait until the crowds grew less. What must he do? 218960 - Is it permissible for a woman in ihram to wear medical gloves in the case of necessity? 201975 - They did not carry out their father’s last wishes, and the ruling on doing Hajj before execution of the will 196976 - He did Hajj tamattu‘ with the people, but he did not have the intention of doing ‘umrah from the outset; what is the ruling? 109241 - Is it mustahabb for everyone who wants to enter ihram for Hajj or ‘Umrah to stipulate a condition? 192454 - Can the pilgrim remove something from his hair if he wants to offer an udhiyah? 210494 - Should she appoint a company to do Hajj on her behalf when she does not know whether they will do the rituals as they should be done or not? 192515 - Ruling on taking birth control pills before the farewell tawaaf 31819 - Description of ‘Umrah 172046 - How can a woman shorten her hair in ‘umrah if it is layered? 36477 - Virtues of the Day of Sacrifice 106579 - He forgot that he was junub; is the ghusl for ihram sufficient and can it include the ghusl for janaabah? 109343 - If he is not sure about tawaaf, should he do the prostration of forgetfulness? 109351 - What matter is the intention - even if there is a slip of the tongue 109180 - He cannot wear ihram because he is disabled