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Issues of Pilgrimage

82029 - Purity (tahaarah) is not an essential condition for standing in ‘Arafah 95283 - Is there any particular virtue if ‘Arafah falls on a Friday? 49049 - A pilgrim died in ‘Arafah; is there any need to complete Hajj on his behalf or to do it all over again on his behalf? 42475 - He was given some charity that was came from riba-based wealth; can he go for hajj with it? 41833 - How can your Hajj be accepted? 83473 - She did Hajj before she became religiously committed – should she repeat her Hajj? 41732 - Ruling on appointing a deputy to perform Hajj on one’s behalf 46547 - Is it better to repeat Hajj for himself or to do Hajj on behalf of his relatives? 79681 - Entering ihraam for Hajj or ‘Umrah on behalf of two people 38592 - Ruling on doing tawaaf during the Friday khutbah 36244 - Going out of Mina by day and coming back at night during the days of al-Tashreeq 81465 - She took out a riba based loan and she wants to go for Hajj using her salary 67728 - She is not sure whether she cut her hair properly in order to exit from ihraam for Hajj. What should she do? 41709 - Should he pray istikhaarah before performing Hajj? 44679 - She vowed to do Hajj but she has not done the obligatory Hajj 40583 - Should he do Hajj on behalf of his grandmother even though his father does not approve? 47624 - Is it permissible to do Hajj on behalf of one person and ‘Umrah on behalf of another in the same year? 42088 - Is it better to do Hajj on behalf of one who has died, or to give charity? 41855 - Should he do Hajj on behalf of his mother or his father? 41977 - Some people say that those who have already done Hajj should let others have the chance