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The Woman's Fasting

65875 - How can she make use of her time when she is cooking in Ramadaan? 45885 - If a woman makes a mistake about when she becomes pure following menstruation, is she sinning? 43307 - She forgot to do ghusl from janaabah until the sun set 22668 - Amniotic fluid leaking during Ramadaan 21589 - Ruling on the fast of a pregnant woman who is affected by fasting 45564 - If a woman miscarries after two months of pregnancy, is her bleeding regarded as nifaas? 66391 - It is better for pregnant and breastfeeding women not to fast if it is too hard for them to fast 40695 - She did not make up her missed fasts for many years 37752 - The discharge which is passed continuously by a woman does not have any effect on the fast 10052 - When can a menstruating woman fast? 37773 - Fasting whilst breastfeeding is valid 65670 - Can a woman whose fast is broken because of menstruation in Ramadaan eat? 66062 - She was not certain that her period had ended, and she prayed and fasted 66438 - It is not permissible for pregnant and breastfeeding women to break the fast unless they fear for themselves or their children 50762 - If a pregnant woman feels a bit tired can she break her fast? 49671 - Her period comes twice a month – should she stop praying and fasting each time? 49794 - For pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers who do not fast, they have to make up the missed fasts and it is not enough for them to feed the poor 50008 - Is it better for her to break her fast so she can breastfeed her child or to stop breastfeeding so she can fast? 50308 - If a woman’s nifaas ends before forty days, she should do ghusl and pray and fast 50256 - If a man has intercourse with his wife during the day in Ramadaan whilst traveling, there is nothing wrong with that