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Property & Wealth Owned by Women

48952 - Can a woman donate any of her money without her husband’s permission? 46667 - Can he rent the traditional set of jewellery and then return it to the jeweller in order to get married? 10525 - Reducing the mahr is the Sunnah 21684 - Wife disposing of her own money without her husband’s knowledge 47142 - Giving women gifts as a compensation for taking their inheritance 34657 - Withholding inheritance from a daughter so that her husband will not take it 40370 - Does she have the right to the second part of the dowry? 93045 - She is helping her parents from her salary without her husband’s knowledge 69843 - If the dowry (mahr) is not stipulated, then the wife should have a dowry like that of her peers 49821 - Rights of a woman whose husband divorced her before consummating the marriage 47057 - Division of parents’ estate between sons and daughters. 20154 - They agreed to give the mahr in gold instead of cash. What is the ruling? 14357 - If a woman spends on the household, will her share of the inheritance be different? 12214 - Do parents have any rights to the wealth of a married daughter? 2686 - If a woman works, does she have to pay the household expenses? 12911 - What is the daughter’s share of inheritance? 10509 - Is furnishing the marital home supposed to be part of the mahr (dowry)? 12045 - He died after completing the marriage contract. Should the rest of the mahr be counted as a debt that he owes? 3119 - What is the minimum amount of mahr? What is the modern equivalent of the mahr of the Mothers of the Believers? 8884 - Writing the dowry on a piece of silk