Ribaa (interest or usury) & Money Exchange

221778 - He is very distressed because of his father’s dealing in riba (usury) 20876 - Taking interest and offsetting losses with riba 40217 - He has repented from dealing with a riba-based bank but he does not know what his capital was 26789 - Ruling on depositing money in riba-based banks 20807 - Ruling on getting back a loan from interest-based money 20709 - Is it permissible for him to inherit property that was bought with a riba-based loan? 49677 - Where should he deposit his money in these times when riba is so widespread? 10235 - Ruling on being a witness to a riba-based loan 106151 - Can she take the profits on certificates from the Islamic and commercial banks? 85353 - The bank offered to freeze part of his account in return for interest 34325 - Buying gold through a site on the internet 20720 - Islamic financial system 30798 - Putting money in riba-based banks 88023 - She is helping her husband to buy a flat, but he borrowed the money with interest 103416 - Taking money from the insurance company with the stipulation that more be paid in the event of delay 22339 - Regarding riba as permissible 97896 - Ruling on taking part and working in savings accounts 89816 - The bank is asking him to open two accounts, one for saving, on the grounds that it will protect his money 98118 - Buying a flat by instalments when there is a clause in the contract that stipulates a penalty in the event of late payment 87542 - Should he take a riba-based loan if he does not intend to pay the interest?