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Rulings of Employment/Jobs

225561 - Ruling on working as a pilot for an airline that serves alcohol on its flights 26771 - Working in banks in an Islamic country 31781 - Working for a company that cheats, and the ruling on working in a company in which some things are permissible and some are haraam 21688 - Should he work for a company whose boss is a kaafir? 125623 - Ruling on jury duty in a non-Islamic court in a non-Muslim country 9348 - He works for a company that deals with insurance 12786 - Ruling on working as a film developer 33709 - A company is offering a riba-based loan to its employees 42567 - Ruling on participating in pension plans 22399 - Ruling on working for or buying magazines whose content is mostly haraam, as is the case with many women’s magazines, both Arabic and western 113898 - Ruling on working in a law company whose field of work is financial markets 97896 - Ruling on taking part and working in savings accounts 98062 - Ruling on working in a programming company that has another section which designs websites for advertising alcohol 98022 - Working in the Islamic section of a bank even though there is mixing 85441 - Working in production of electronic chips that will be used in TVs, satellite dishes, computers and cars 95316 - Ruling on working in al-Rajhi Bank 60221 - Is it permissible for a woman to work selling products over the phone? 39181 - Selling used gold as new 72404 - Working for a company that sells gold on credit 59864 - Writing a letter stating salary for someone who will use it to get a riba-based loan