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Rulings on proposal of marriage

20744 - Should she refuse marriage to someone who has a bad past? 12182 - She didn’t feel any interest in a person who wants to marry her; should she pursue the matter? 11618 - How should he tell her that he wants to marry her? 32668 - How can a man know if a woman will be a loving and fertile wife before marriage? 33007 - Her fiancé does not pray and deals with riba. Should she go ahead with the wedding? 10196 - What is the ruling on a father preventing his daughter from marrying who she wants? 21566 - Should he ask whether his fiancée is a virgin? 69964 - A woman asking about the religious commitment of one who comes to propose marriage to her is not making things difficult 36807 - Is it permissible to correspond with one’s fiancée via e-mail? 25793 - Does she have the right to annul an engagement which has gone on for a long time? 41693 - She has committed haraam actions with her fiancé 23432 - Intercourse and masturbation with one's fiancee 21973 - He has contacted her several times saying that he wants to propose marriage, but she does not know anything about him 13791 - He wants to talk to a woman before he proposes marriage to her 7757 - It is not permissible for a fiancé to be alone with his fiancée 8994 - Ruling on engaged couple touching one another etc. 5503 - Seeing a number of women for the purpose of marriage 7492 - She wants to go out with her fiance to make sure about him so that there will not be a disaster 4027 - Picture of Internet fiancée 2572 - Limits of looking at one’s fiancée and the ruling on touching her and being alone with her. Is her permission a condition of being allowed to look at her?