Marital Counselling

1 A woman asking for a divorce from her husband who is addicted to drugs. 111875
2 He did the marriage contract with her and was intimate with her without intercourse in Ramadaan, and he had intercourse with her before announcing the marriage!. 111165
3 Wife serving her husband’s father. 103426
4 Affection and compassion between spouses. 101130
5 She wants to stay overnight with her family and her husband wants her to stay with his family. 100949
6 Her husband is always busy playing or watching football (soccer). Can she get a TV?. 100024
7 She has been divorced a second time and her ‘iddah has ended. 99970
8 Her husband divorced her twice and she has got to know a young man via the internet who wants to marry her. 99783
9 Should he stop his wife from listening to misguided daa’iyahs?. 99469
10 Should she agree to be a second wife or be patient?. 99264
11 He wants to divorce his wife because she might be thinking of someone else. 98128
12 Differences of opinion between husband and wife concerning matters where the scholars differed. 97125
13 She loves him but he cannot stand her because she is not beautiful. Should he divorce her?. 96704
14 Reasons why the mother interferes in her married daughter’s life and how to deal with it. 96665
15 Who is the woman who is religiously committed?. 96584
16 His wife reviles him and insults him. What should he do?. 96103
17 She hates her husband and fears that she may fall into zina if she stays with him. 95487
18 Her husband promised that he would divorce her after her period ended. 95225
19 His wife does not pray regularly. 95077
20 She is asking for separate accommodation; is that regarded as causing separation between her husband and his family?. 94965