Marital Counselling

41 She feels attracted to someone other than her husband. 45520
42 Her son controls her. 44684
43 He is having a problem with his second wife and he fears for his daughter. 43476
44 Her husband does not do any of his duties, he sleeps a lot and he neglect prayers. 42551
45 He has two wives and it is difficult for him to treat them fairly. 41737
46 Hitting one’s wife?. 41199
47 She is sick and her husband is forcing her to go to work. 41086
48 He consummated the marriage with her and found that she was not a virgin even though she has never committed any immoral action. 40278
49 Her husband is threatening to divorce her if she does not watch pornographic movies with him. 40040
50 Sarah’s Jealousy Towards Hajar. 39686
51 Her husband is having a relationship with someone else. 39496
52 She left her husband’s house and refuses to go back. 39318
53 Her husband cannot have intercourse with her because of the pain she feels. What is the solution?. 38013
54 Should a man listen to his wife’s suggestions and consult her about matters?. 36748
55 Problems caused by wife’s illness. 34589
56 His wife is weak in religious commitment – what should he do?. 34151
57 How to treat a wife from among the People of the Book. 33862
58 He has doubts about his Christian wife; can he disown the child in her womb?. 33615
59 He is complaining of a problem between his wife and his sisters. 32731
60 She is complaining about her husband’s attachment to the Society for the Promotion of Virtue. 32725