Marital Counselling

81 She is jealous because her husband cares more about his sister than her. 20927
82 Her husband is forcing her to wear niqaab and she wants advice. 20910
83 He married a second wife and they became Muslim – what should he do with his first wife?. 20849
84 His wife does not accept advice. What is the solution?. 20343
85 Can he delay Hajj because of problems with his wife?. 20044
86 He is afraid to get married lest he has intercourse with his wife in his back passage. 14394
87 Ruling on setting up a recorder to watch over a relative’s conversations. 13318
88 Married to a Christian woman – what should he do next?. 13253
89 How can she tell her non-Muslim mother that her husband is going to take a second wife?. 12734
90 A criminal tried to rape his wife’s daughter. 12665
91 It is not permissible to watch pornography at all, not even with one’s wife. 12301
92 He is in love with a Christian woman at the expense of his wife. 11971
93 He mistreated his wife so as make her register the car in his name. 11933
94 If she marries him, his first wife will leave him. 11519
95 Their father is active in da’wah but they are complaining about his bad treatment of his family. 11458
96 Arguments with her husband – she is asking how to become a righteous wife. 11440
97 Her husband drinks alcohol – is she sinning by living with him?. 10831
98 Her husband is not interested in learning about Islam. 10356
99 Recording the conversation of a wife of whom one is suspicious. 10208
100 He wants to limit having children because he is poor. 10033