Marital Counselling

101 Her husband sits with non-mahrams and she objects to that. 26784
102 He mistreated his wife so as make her register the car in his name. 11933
103 Can he delay Hajj because of problems with his wife?. 20044
104 The distress of a wife whose husband is active in da’wah and does not have time for her. 23481
105 It is not permissible to watch pornography at all, not even with one’s wife. 12301
106 A woman advising her husband to pray in congregation. 22105
107 She left home fleeing her husband’s beatings. 21269
108 A criminal tried to rape his wife’s daughter. 12665
109 Her husband drinks alcohol – is she sinning by living with him?. 10831
110 What should be done when a husband withholds his wife’s rights in bed?. 9021
111 She hits her husband when they argue to make him end the argument. 7750
112 If she marries him, his first wife will leave him. 11519
113 A husband who humiliates his wife. 8037
114 Her husband is not interested in learning about Islam. 10356
115 He wants to limit having children because he is poor. 10033
116 Is it permissible to use birth control because one is afraid to have children due to the corruption of society?. 7205
117 Recording the conversation of a wife of whom one is suspicious. 10208
118 His wife does not want to wear hijaab and he fears for his young daughter. 7721
119 The wife of a Daaiyah is complaining because her husband is so busy. 6913
120 Can she withhold herself from her husband who does not pray?. 5281