Youth Counselling

1 He studies in a mixed school in a foreign country and is asking about attending “sex education” classes. 113970
2 He loves a girl but his family refuses her because of her father’s bad reputation. 112434
3 She is sad because she is unmarried and is asking for advice. 112172
4 What should a person do who has the problem of looking at women?. 111796
5 He has been guided recently, and his family and friends mock him. What should he do?. 106447
6 She forsook her friends, but this had a negative effect on her – advice. 106441
7 Her parents refuse to let her wear niqaab because she is young. 104165
8 The danger of admiration between members of the same sex, the remedy, and how the one who is admired should react. 104078
9 He is hesitant to marry this girl because of her lack of religious commitment. 102039
10 He delays coming to pray in congregation lest he be asked to lead the prayer. 101766
11 He got to know her through a forum and he wants to propose marriage to her. 101603
12 Many calamities have befallen her and she has given up on life, and she is asking for the solution. 100267
13 Her father thinks that niqaab is mustahabb and tells her not to wear it, but she thinks it is obligatory. 98382
14 Weeps When He Hears Quran, But Does Bad Things Too. 98351
15 Her family do not want to arrange a marriage for her and she is thinking of an ‘urfi marriage with no wali (guardian). 98110
16 Should he attend the university graduation ceremony that is sponsored by Buddhists?. 97014
17 His family are criticizing him for staying with them and not getting married; how should he deal with them?. 95780
18 Should she agree to marry a man who lives in a kaafir country?. 95056
19 She falls into sin time after time, and she thinks that her fiancé is the cause of that. 93872
20 If he asks her to say “I accept So and so as a husband before Allaah”, does she become his wife?. 93553