Youth Counselling

21 He has the problem of the secret habit and is suffering because of doing ghusl; can he pray with wudoo’ when he is junub?. 93321
22 A woman asked him to take a picture of her and he did that. 89835
23 She accepted him as a husband after praying istikhaarah but he divorced her. 89704
24 Should he walk with his sister who makes a wanton display of her beauty (tabarruj)?. 88086
25 She mixes with her relative, uncovers her face in front of him and talks to him on the phone. 88025
26 Delay of marriage and its connection to al-qada’ wa’l-qadar. 72257
27 He divorced her before consummation of the marriage and she is thinking of going back to him. 70242
28 Young men and women are doing charitable work; is it permissible for them to meet in order to organise the work?. 69810
29 She formed a relationship with a man over the phone, and she wants advice. 66266
30 Ruling on taking drugs, and do they come under the same heading as khamr (intoxicants)?. 66227
31 She advised him and he came to thank her, and they committed zina. 60269
32 He is in love with a girl and she loves him but he says that they are doing something good. 59907
33 It is not permissible to say that you were present at a lecture from which you were absent. 52502
34 Religious Man Tempted by Women. 52467
35 She is in love with a married man and cannot keep away from him. 50737
36 He does not pray and he lives with his girlfriend; he wants to repent and marry her. 50508
37 He masturbated a great deal during Ramadaan – what should he do?. 49943
38 He fell into the trap of visiting chat sites and talking to girls, but has now repented. 49687
39 Ruling on women looking at men. 49038
40 He wants to look at women in the street with the intention of proposing marriage. 49024