Counselling on Cultivation

1 Words concerning the reasons for calamities and bearing them with patience. 114019
2 Should Middle School Students Be Encouraged to Offer Regular Sunnah Prayers and Witr?. 113462
3 How should she get rid of those who are wasting her life. 107615
4 Does teaching English to the imam of the mosque come under the heading of cooperating in sin and transgression?. 97507
5 We do not advise you to continually read the books of the people of misguidance. 92781
6 He wants the names of books that deal with solving social problems. 72366
7 Whispers of the Shaytaan Concerning the Steadfastness of Non-Muslims and their Self-Sacrifice for their Cause. 72307
8 Reconciling Between Striving for the Hereafter and for Worldly Purposes. 69747
9 Refraining From Doing Good Deeds for Fear of Showing Off. 67617
10 Female students kissing one another every day. 60351
11 It is not permissible to say that you were present at a lecture from which you were absent. 52502
12 causes of apathy and the remedy for that. 47565
13 How should a person fill his spare time?. 47398
14 Ruling on wishing for death. 46592
15 It is haraam for students to cheat in tests. 45433
16 Can we strive in worship as the early generations did?. 45207
17 Slandering and Accusing Muslims. 44594
18 He has a problem with forgetfulness, lack of focus and not being organized. 38594
19 I want to be a devoted slave of Allaah … ten pointers. 34306
20 He is annoyed by the misbehaviour of some of his Qur’aan-memorization students. 30834