Counselling about propagation of Islaam

1 Is it permissible for us to gather on New Year's Eve to remember Allah, offer supplication (du‘aa’) and read Qur'aan?. 113064
2 Playing Qur’aan in the audio chat room in which there is music. 102874
3 Ruling on a woman smiling at Muslim men from other countries to make them feel welcome. 102415
4 Is it better to supervise an Islamic forum or to read Qur’aan and do acts of worship?. 101732
5 Her father thinks that niqaab is mustahabb and tells her not to wear it, but she thinks it is obligatory. 98382
6 Her father is forcing her to attend gatherings in which there are innovations (bid’ah). How should she behave with him?. 97800
7 Advice to a father whose son has stopped memorizing Qur’aan because of the intention, and advice to his son. 97083
8 Is he sinning if he sees an evil action and does not denounce it?. 96662
9 Should he shun his sister or beat her because she does not wear hijab?. 93775
10 The virtue of adhering to the Sunnah at times of widespread evil. 89878
11 When it is obligatory to listen attentively to recitation of the Qur’aan?. 88728
12 Can he enter websites with a screen-name?. 71417
13 How can he enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil with regard to his father who is older than him?. 52891
14 Guidelines on speaking to a woman who is new in Islam for the purpose of da’wah. 52889
15 The best way to call those who do not pray and to deal with innovators. 47425
16 Mixing with the Tableeghi Jama’at and going out with them. 39349
17 Advice for a trainee teacher. 37809
18 Da’wah via private chat. 32693
19 Is it possible to combine da’wah with seeking knowledge?. 22329
20 How to serve Islam. 22154