Acts of Worship

21 His father does not let him pray Fajr in the mosque – should he obey him?. 60259
22 Menstruating woman entering the mosque to attend a class or a halaqah for memorizing Qur’aan. 60213
23 Wearing a “sling” to carry a baby during ihraam. 60186
24 Can they pray behind someone who recites Qunoot in Fajr?. 59925
25 Prayer in congregation may be held with two people, an imam and a follower. 52906
26 Rulings and issues about praying on a chair. 50684
27 When does Taraaweeh prayer start in Ramadaan – on the first night or the second?. 50547
28 He is living in Germany – should he fast with the European Islamic Society or with Saudi?. 50412
29 Ruling on prayer in congregation for one who is sick and one who cannot control najaasah (impurity). 50075
30 What is the ruling on giving food to a non-Muslim driver during the day in Ramadaan?. 49694
31 He cannot wear the ihraam garments – can he enter ihraam in his own clothes?. 49033
32 The time for stoning the jamaraat. 49022
33 The ruling on giving the adhaan from the radio. 48990
34 Can a person who travels and stays somewhere for one day join and shorten his prayers?. 47643
35 He did not know that ghusl from janaabah is obligatory; should he repeat the prayers?. 45648
36 Is it better to wipe over the socks or to wash the feet?. 45535
37 If maniy comes out after doing ghusl from janaabah. 44945
38 The wisdom behind the prescription of zakaah. 43609
39 The connection between zakaah and the economic system and social security. 43162
40 Is it permissible to transfer zakaah from one country to another?. 43146