Acts of Worship

21 She is unable to use water. When is tayammum prescribed?. 11973
22 He is tired after work and does not want to pray in congregation. 22326
23 They differ concerning the timings of the prayer; who should they follow?. 139757
24 Does the dirt that is found under the fingernails make one’s wudoo’ invalid?. 27070
25 How can a person who is partially paralyzed do wudoo’ and pray?. 71202
26 controlling Urges Through Fasting. 26811
27 Fasting in countries where the day is very short or very long. 1730
28 Is it haraam to put a bag over the private parts of someone who suffers from incontinence?. 11013
29 How to do ghusl from janaabah. 10790
30 Wearing gloves made of pigskin. 22713
31 Is it better to wipe over the socks or to wash the feet?. 45535
32 Conditions of wiping over socks. 9640
33 Ruling on prayer in congregation for men. 40113
34 Employing non-Muslim workers and allowing them to eat in front of Muslims at the time of fasting. 43041
35 He cannot wear the ihraam garments – can he enter ihraam in his own clothes?. 49033
36 Ruling on doing tayammum when water is available. 13618
37 The times of the prayers are close together in the North – is it permissible to put them together?. 5709
38 Using unperfumed creams during ihraam. 20019
39 Is it permissible to wear a jacket in ihraam if it is cold?. 41140
40 When should he start uncovering the right shoulder and walking quickly (in tawaaf)?. 42153