Acts of Worship

41 Employing non-Muslim workers and allowing them to eat in front of Muslims at the time of fasting. 43041
42 When should he start uncovering the right shoulder and walking quickly (in tawaaf)?. 42153
43 Do the people living in Makkah have to do tawaaf al-wadaa’ (the farewell tawaaf) if they leave Makkah after Hajj?. 41894
44 Does a husband have to take his wife for Hajj?. 41730
45 He died and did not perform Hajj because he was negligent – can someone perform Hajj on his behalf?. 41663
46 Is it permissible to wear a jacket in ihraam if it is cold?. 41140
47 How purification from the najaasah of a dog is done. 41090
48 From where should a person who did not pass the meeqaat enter ihraam?. 40965
49 Should a traveller offer the prayers in shortened form in his house or pray in congregation in the mosque?. 40299
50 Praying behind ibaadis and innovators. 40147
51 Ruling on prayer in congregation for men. 40113
52 Ruling on ‘Umrah. 39524
53 Ruling on a woman leading men in prayer. 39188
54 They do not know whether the earnings of those who send food to the mosque are halaal. 37789
55 Difficulty in sighting the moon in industrialized areas. 37743
56 A new Muslim wants to fast in secret. 37730
57 Gathering to break the fast together. 37702
58 Should they follow the European Council even though they use astronomical calculations?. 37667
59 A Christian woman wants to fast. 37653
60 He was not able to stay overnight in Muzdalifah. 36943