Acts of Worship

41 Is it permissible to transfer zakaah from one country to another?. 43146
42 When should zakaah be paid?. 10246
43 The wisdom behind the prescription of zakaah. 43609
44 He is living in Germany – should he fast with the European Islamic Society or with Saudi?. 50412
45 Should they follow the European Council even though they use astronomical calculations?. 37667
46 Does a husband have to take his wife for Hajj?. 41730
47 Do different times of moonrise matter, and what should Muslim communities in the West do. 1248
48 He lives in Europe and the mosque is far from his house; can he pray at home?. 89676
49 If some of the members of the congregation are praying outside the mosque and the power cuts out. 83009
50 They pray Jumu’ah in the workplace and do not go to the mosque. 83975
51 The electricity cut out during Jumu’ah prayer and they were not able to continue following the imam. 71231
52 Ruling on collecting donations during the Jumu’ah khutbah. 72960
53 Ruling on praying in the workplace. 74978
54 He does not pray in congregation because of his work. 65783
55 Zakaah on monthly salaries and how is zakaah to be paid by one who is in debt?. 78807
56 How purification from the najaasah of a dog is done. 41090
57 Is it permissible to break the fast before hearing the adhaan?. 78416
58 What is the ruling on giving food to a non-Muslim driver during the day in Ramadaan?. 49694
59 Is it permissible for him to break his fast because his work is difficult?. 65803
60 Entering the toilet with a mobile phone on whose screen is the name of Allaah. 72235