Acts of Worship

61 Entering the toilet with a mobile phone on whose screen is the name of Allaah. 72235
62 Should he pray behind someone whose ‘aqeedah is not known, whether there are Sufis and Shi’as in the country?. 72441
63 His father does not let him pray Fajr in the mosque – should he obey him?. 60259
64 Wearing a “sling” to carry a baby during ihraam. 60186
65 The extent to which delaying prayer may be forgiven in the case of women. 67911
66 Ruling on a woman leading men in prayer. 39188
67 Ruling on building toilets that face the qiblah. 69808
68 Menstruating woman entering the mosque to attend a class or a halaqah for memorizing Qur’aan. 60213
69 Rulings and issues about praying on a chair. 50684
70 From where should a person who did not pass the meeqaat enter ihraam?. 40965
71 He died and did not perform Hajj because he was negligent – can someone perform Hajj on his behalf?. 41663
72 He is going to travel from one city to another and come back on the same day; can he break his fast?. 65629
73 Is it essential to wash plates after they have been used and washed by non-Muslims?. 65617
74 Can they pray behind someone who recites Qunoot in Fajr?. 59925
75 Can a person who travels and stays somewhere for one day join and shorten his prayers?. 47643
76 He did not know that ghusl from janaabah is obligatory; should he repeat the prayers?. 45648
77 Prayer in congregation may be held with two people, an imam and a follower. 52906
78 Do the people living in Makkah have to do tawaaf al-wadaa’ (the farewell tawaaf) if they leave Makkah after Hajj?. 41894
79 Ruling on prayer in congregation for one who is sick and one who cannot control najaasah (impurity). 50075
80 The connection between zakaah and the economic system and social security. 43162