Acts of Worship

81 No Place for Ablution or Prayer at Work. 20960
82 The eclipse prayer is prescribed when one sees an eclipse, not when one hears news of an eclipse from the astronomers. 20368
83 Do women have to pronounce the adhaan and iqaamah?. 20225
84 Using unperfumed creams during ihraam. 20019
85 Ruling on urinating standing up. 14629
86 She got her period during Hajj and she cannot stay. 14217
87 Should he use his left hand or part of it when cleaning himself after relieving oneself?. 14053
88 Spending time watching movies and soap operas and playing games in Ramadaan. 13956
89 Ruling on doing tayammum when water is available. 13618
90 It is not permissible to differ from the people of the city with regard to fasting and Eid. 12660
91 Where should a woman stand when leading other women in prayer, and the preference for women to pray in their homes. 12451
92 The one who intended to do Hajj or ‘Umrah does not have to do anything if he passed the meeqaat and forgot to enter ihraam, then he went back and entered ihraam. 12239
93 She is unable to use water. When is tayammum prescribed?. 11973
94 Why do we not join our prayers together?. 11619
95 A student is asking about zakaah; her income is $400 per month. 11576
96 Is it haraam to put a bag over the private parts of someone who suffers from incontinence?. 11013
97 If one is not sure whether a dog has licked something. 10949
98 How to do ghusl from janaabah. 10790
99 When should zakaah be paid?. 10246
100 Conditions of wiping over socks. 9640