21 Dealing With Apostate Father and Mother Who Doesn’t Pray. 145667
22 Expecting the wife or her guardian to provide the dowry or accommodation is a custom that is contrary to sharee‘ah. 145619
23 She wants to marry a man whom she loves but he previously committed zina with her mother. 146043
24 It is not permissible for one of the spouses to prevent pregnancy without the consent of the other. 45177
25 He married her after she became Muslim but she does not pray. 129732
26 Types of conditions in the marriage contract. 108806
27 She was a Raafidi, then Allah blessed her with guidance but her family will not let her marry a Sunni man. 128846
28 Intimacy with a woman who is menstruating. 36864
29 The head of the Islamic centre in their city is married to a Christian woman; has he done something for which he deserves to be dismissed from his post?. 129284
30 He agreed with her husband that if he travelled without her knowledge, it would be the last day between them, and he travelled. 126292
31 He wants to marry a Christian woman and he wants to convince her that it is forbidden to keep a dog in the house. 114030
32 If he divorces his pregnant wife as the result of khula’, who should bear the expenses of the birth?. 82066
33 If he forbids her to visit her family, should she obey him?. 87834
34 Should she take off her hijab because of the harassment that she is faced with after the London bombings?. 69432
35 He sent a message via mobile phone divorcing his wife as a joke. 70460
36 The reason why the ‘iddah of a woman whose husband dies is four months and ten days. 81139
37 What should the woman who is revocably divorced avoid and what should she avoid if she is irrevocably divorced?. 73408
38 Intercourse in the back passage. 71345
39 He said to his wife: You are divorced when we go back to our country. 43481
40 She became Muslim but her family do not know and they want her to marry a non-Muslim. 69752