21 Ruling on reading erotic stories with one’s spouse. 34489
22 It is not a condition of divorce that the wife should know or that she should be divorced face-to-face. 31778
23 Her husband is not satisfying her sexual desire. 23390
24 Does touching with desire count as taking back a divorced wife?. 23269
25 He said to his wife, “I don’t want a woman who is like this.” Is this regarded as a divorce (talaaq)?. 22850
26 Custody of a Muslim’s children from a kaafir wife if he dies. 21516
27 The reason why plural marriage is permitted for men but not for women. 21459
28 Is it permissible for a wife to take from her husband’s wealth without his permission?. 20433
29 Things which it is forbidden for a woman to do at the time of mourning. 13966
30 A Muslim woman wants to marry a kaafir. 12914
31 She wants to marry a man but the law does not permit plural marriage. What should she do?. 11744
32 Her husband drinks alcohol – is she sinning by living with him?. 10831
33 How can he treat his two wives fairly?. 10091
34 Is it permissible for a man to be present with his wife when she is giving birth?. 9550
35 Who has more right to custody in Islam?. 8189
36 How should she deal with a husband who watches pornographic movies and does not give her her rights?. 7669
37 She does not want to live with her husband’s family. 7653
38 He agreed with her husband that if he travelled without her knowledge, it would be the last day between them, and he travelled. 126292
39 Her husband has divorced her; can she ask the married imam of the mosque who has tried to help her to marry her?. 126264
40 The head of the Islamic centre in their city is married to a Christian woman; has he done something for which he deserves to be dismissed from his post?. 129284