41 She was a Raafidi, then Allah blessed her with guidance but her family will not let her marry a Sunni man. 128846
42 He married her after she became Muslim but she does not pray. 129732
43 Types of conditions in the marriage contract. 108806
44 Expecting the wife or her guardian to provide the dowry or accommodation is a custom that is contrary to sharee‘ah. 145619
45 Dealing With Apostate Father and Mother Who Doesn’t Pray. 145667
46 She wants to marry a man whom she loves but he previously committed zina with her mother. 146043
47 He divorced her three times over the phone. 147987
48 If a man is absent on the night of one of his wives with or without an excuse, he has to come back and make up that night. 153902
49 She is a new Muslim and she married a man who she thought was righteous, then he mistreated her. Should she ask him for a divorce?. 160648
50 He has two wives and he does not allow one of them go out or to receive visits from her family except with his permission. 161395
51 His wife committed zina twice with a Christian man; should he divorce her? If she apostatises will there be any sin on him?. 162851
52 Is it permissible for the husband to bring one wife into the house of another wife without the latter’s consent?. 163531
53 He stipulated that she should not continue studying in a mixed environment and that she should not go out to work; should she accept him as a husband?. 166789
54 She separated from her first husband by means of khul‘ without his consent and married another man, then she went back to her first husband. 172510
55 She ran away from her family’s home and married a Christian; is she entitled to a share of her father’s estate?. 170862
56 What should she do with her husband who is committing adultery and his mistress is pregnant?. 171430
57 A Christian woman is asking a Muslim woman for help in raising a Muslim girl. 178269
58 Dealing With Homosexual Brother-In-Law. 175478