41 Is it permissible for a wife to take from her husband’s wealth without his permission?. 20433
42 Man divorcing his wife on his parents’ orders. 47040
43 Ruling on divorce via e-mail. 36761
44 The reason why a woman is not allowed to observe a naafil fast without her husband’s permission. 49834
45 How can he treat his two wives fairly?. 10091
46 He consummated the marriage with her and found that she was not a virgin even though she has never committed any immoral action. 40278
47 Her husband cannot have intercourse with her because of the pain she feels. What is the solution?. 38013
48 He said to his wife, “I don’t want a woman who is like this.” Is this regarded as a divorce (talaaq)?. 22850
49 She wants to marry a man but the law does not permit plural marriage. What should she do?. 11744
50 He swore to divorce her if she visited her family, and now he has recanted. Does he have to offer kafaarat yameen?. 39941
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