1 Is it permissible for a man to pray for marriage to a particular woman, or for a woman to pray for marriage to a particular man?
2 Is it permissible to give a donation to a college in return for the opportunity to study there?
3 Ruling on praying Jumu‘ah at home if there is no Sunni mosque
4 A woman died and left behind three daughters, grandchildren (daughter’s children), a full brother, a full sister, and sons of the full brother
5 It is not permissible for a female doctor to take off her hijab when visiting patients, even if the laws governing her work require her to do that
6 She died before taking her share of her father’s estate, and left behind a husband and mother. What is the ruling?
7 He died and left behind a wife, a mother, two daughters and a brother
8 Ruling on buying fixed-return shares
9 Can the one who comes late to the prayer pull back the person who is standing next to the imam if he is bowing, or should he just stand next to him?
10 His grandfather divided his wealth between his male children and deprived the females; what should the heirs do?
11 Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to touch the colour-coded tajweed Mushaf?
12 Reconciling between the prohibition on turning wine into vinegar and the hadith “What a good condiment vinegar is”
13 She is asking: why does Allah praise Himself?
14 Various issues having to do with shirk, trust in Allah, and taking appropriate measures
15 The seven sins that doom a person to Hell
16 Can he do tayammum when he is wearing khufoof (leather socks)?
17 Someone has proposed marriage to a girl, and she is asking whether she can meet him with a non-Muslim chaperone, because she is cut off from her family
18 How should the person who lives in a country where the time between dawn and sunrise is long fast and pray?
19 Ruling on calling a child Ya-Seen
20 Is it permissible for his wife to take care of a non-mahram man who is paralysed?
21 Is there a difference between waajib and fard?
22 She made a bequest of some money as a contribution to building a mosque; can the executor of the bequest give it to the poor because they are in need?
23 It is not valid to sell something for an unknown price or for a price to be paid within an unknown period of time
24 What is the ruling on marrying a Jewish or Christian woman who is pregnant from a previous relationship?
25 What is the ruling on one who swore on the Mushaf (Qur’an) when he was not in a state of purity?
26 Her parents are divorced; can she get married without her father’s permission?
27 Are those Bedouin who became Muslim and some of them behaved badly towards the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) regarded as being among the Sahaabah?
28 If a person changes his name, does he have to offer another ‘aqeeqah on his own behalf?
29 He is suffering from waswaas with regard to cleaning himself (istinja) after urinating, which is compelling him to shower straight after urinating
30 He is owed money by someone who is going through difficulty, and he has been given some charity money to distribute. Is it permissible for him to take what he is owed from it?
31 Do the teachings of the Prophets differ with regard to the prescription of fighting?
32 Is it obligatory to wash inside the eye when doing wudoo’?
33 He rented a floor in his building for an Islamic centre, and they hold Friday prayers there and cause inconvenience to others
34 She committed an immoral action with a young man, then he left her; should she wait for him to marry her?
35 Ruling on standing for a minute’s silence in mourning for a man who has died
36 Muraabahah transaction in which an item is sold to the one who asked for it to be purchased
37 Number of rak‘ahs in Duha prayer
38 He did Hajj tamattu‘ with the people, but he did not have the intention of doing ‘umrah from the outset; what is the ruling?
39 What should we do if my maternal aunt and her husband are trying to cause trouble for us and hurt us?
40 Can we say “the Holy Qur’an”?
41 Government employees getting contracts by direct appointment
42 Is it proven that the righteous wife will have a reward like that of one who fasts and prays qiyaam?
43 Contacting women via text messages for the purpose of work or personal matters
44 If a person starts the day not fasting, then finds out that that day is ‘Ashoora’, what should he do?
45 Why do the fuqaha’ regard it as mustahabb to fast on the eleventh (of Muharram) as well as ‘Ashoora’?
46 Did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) do the marriage contracts for his daughters in any particular place?
47 Is there any report to suggest that the astrologers knew about the birth of Ibraaheem (peace be upon him) and warned Nimrood about him?
48 He is asking about the custom of joking with the groom on his wedding night
49 Is as-Saboor one of the beautiful names of Allah?
50 Who are Banu Qurayzah? What happened to them?
51 The deeds and attitude of the angels cannot be compared to the deeds and attitudes of humans
52 Is it permissible for ordinary Muslims to say “O Allah, forgive me, have mercy on me and join me to the higher companions”?
53 There is no good magic in Islam
54 Are her financial dues from her company to be shared among her heirs in the event of her death?
55 Is the hadeeth “I have brought slaughter to you” saheeh, and how should it be understood?
56 He divorced his wife after the end of the forty-day postpartum period; does this divorce count as such?
57 When will help and victory from Allah come?
58 Ruling on studying the books of the People of the Book for the purpose of da‘wah (calling them to Islam), and the ruling on studying comparative religion.
59 Will the person who commits a major sin be punished if his good deeds outweigh his bad deeds?
60 Whoever adds or takes away a letter from the Qur’an deliberately has committed an act of kufr (disbelief)
61 Virtue of the month of Allah Muharram
62 What is the meaning of the hadeeth “Leave that which makes you doubt for that which does not make you doubt”?
63 Ruling on the prayer of one who says “Allahu akbar” when rising from bowing
64 Ruling on Muslim and Christian students coming together and reciting from the Qur’an and the distorted Gospel, then saying “ameen” to one another’s recitation
65 What is the ruling on playing “The Sims” (computer game)?
66 Are dogs and pigs najis (impure)?
67 If he gives his second wife the cost of tuition fees, is he obliged to give the same amount to his first wife?
68 The students in some schools stand up, clasp their hands and repeat the words “O our Father we thank you for the night…” What is the ruling on that?
69 If a woman touches her husband’s penis, does it invalidate her wudoo’?
70 Ruling on du‘aa’ after the Talbiyah in Hajj and ‘Umrah
71 Is it permissible for the husband to ask his wife for her phone password if he is suspicious about her?
72 It is not permissible for a girl to wear short clothes in front of her parents under any circumstances
73 Ruling on congratulating one’s mother on her birthday
74 How can I overcome waswaas? How can I be truly sincere towards Allah?
75 She feels that she is not happy in her marriage
76 The school is preventing them from praying Jumu‘ah and offering other prayers in congregation; what should they do?
77 Ruling on a drinker entering the mosque
78 It is not permissible for a Muslim to refer for judgement to man-made laws or to take more than he is entitled to
79 Her period is not regular
80 My husband is having an affair with a non-Muslim woman, and she has got pregnant from him
81 If his sister goes out wearing a hijab and pants, what should he do?
82 Will he be rewarded for memorizing the Qur’an if he memorizes it from an audio recording?
83 He is asking how he can be truly just in all things
84 Her mother bore her from a marriage to a Christian man, and she is asking about the ruling on her relationship with her father and her non-Muslim sisters
85 He committed zina with her, then he repented, and he is afraid that she may harm the baby; what should he do?
86 She wants to study gynaecology but that may require her to take off the niqab sometimes
87 If the imam says one tasleem, is it permissible for the one who is praying behind him to say two?
88 Concerning obedience to his disbelieving parents, and attribution of an illegitimate son
89 She hates her husband and is asking whether he or her father have the right to force her to stay with him, and what are his rights over her if she resents him??
90 What is the ruling on putting cream on the thighs to prevent chafing when in ihram?
91 He divorced her for a third time because he thought that she had been spying on him, but the second divorce came during a period of purity when he had had intercourse with her
92 Ruling on calling a child Rahmah, Aayah, Furqaan, Himmah, Bayaan, Taqiy or Mu’ayyad-Billaah
93 Ruling on a man tying up his long hair
94 Is it permissible to call Maryam, the mother of the Messiah (peace be upon him) a “saint”?
95 Ruling on fishing for sport
96 Is there any copyright on the Mushaf for the printer or programmer?
97 The book al-Fiqh al-Akbar that is attributed to Abu Haneefah (may Allah have mercy on him)
98 He was breastfed by his maternal grandmother, along with his maternal cousin; what is the ruling?
99 Difference of opinion regarding making a model of the Ka‘bah in order to teach children about the rituals
100 The punishment in the grave may happen to sinners among those who affirm the Oneness of Allah; the squeezing in the grave will happen to everyone