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1 His wife asked him for a divorce, so he gave her khula‘ even though she refused it. Is their separation regarded as khula‘ or talaaq?
2 Is it permissible for him to call his daughter an-Naazi‘aat?
3 Dhu’th-Thudayyah
4 Do those who are travelling to mosques and staying there for the purpose of calling people to Allah come under the heading of travelling for the purpose of visiting those mosques?
5 Ruling on repeating a specific dhikr at a specific time
6 Bad attitude on the part of the daa‘iyah is an obstacle to da‘wah
7 They divided their father’s estate apart from one house; how should it be divided, when some of them have died and others are still alive?
8 Ruling on a wife spending on her husband’s children, and the children spending on their father’s wife
9 She wants to get married and she is asking about her wali (guardian) for the purpose of marriage?
10 It is not permissible to make accusations without proof against a Muslim woman who does not wear hijab, or to pray that she go to Hell
11 If he said to his wife, “You are thrice haraam for me,” what is the ruling on that?
12 He died and left behind a wife, sons and daughters, and some of his children died before him. Do his grandchildren inherit the shares of his children who died before him?
13 His mother’s husband brought him up; is he entitled to the same kindness, du‘aa’ and upholding of ties as his real father?
14 Ruling on one who, whilst praying, switches between the seven modes of recitation that were narrated via mutawaatir reports
15 A false and fabricated hadith about the virtue of reciting Aayat al-Kursiy immediately after doing wudoo’
16 Ruling on buying additional warranty coverage for products
17 What is the ruling on using the douche that women use to clean their private parts?
18 Who are the siddeeqoon? What are their characteristics?
19 Is it permissible for a woman to pray to drink from the hand of the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) on the Day of Resurrection?
20 The way to grow closer to Allah
21 Which was created first, the heavens or the earth?
22 Is delay in repayment of the debt regarded as charity on the part of the creditor?
23 Rulings and issues for a husband who discovered a romantic relationship between his wife and another man
24 What is the ruling on facing towards the qiblah whilst drinking?
25 Do the recording angels ever leave a person under any circumstances?
26 She did not observe ‘iddah following her husband’s death because she thought that ‘iddah was only required for a woman whose marriage had been consummated
27 A girl wants to become Muslim and conceal her Islam; how should she deal with issues of prayer, hijab and eating pork?
28 Is it to be understood from what Ibn ‘Umar and Abu Hurayrah did, and the fact that the people said takbeer when they heard their takbeer, that this was takbeer in unison?
29 Should he enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong to someone who will not listen to what he says?
30 Dealing with a multilevel marketing company
31 Is it prescribed to bury animals when they die?
32 Commentary on the hadith: “the dearest of prayer to Allah is the prayer of Dawood (peace be upon him). He used to sleep for half the night, get up and pray for one third of it, and sleep for one sixth of it”
33 Her husband denounced her as a disbeliever because she will not denounce people as disbelievers
34 Did ‘Eesaa (peace be upon him) die? Where is he now? And a comment on what is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew
35 I want us to get our own place but my husband refuses; what should I do?
36 Discussion of the verse “So stand firm and straight (on the religion of Islamic Monotheism) as you are commanded”
37 Guidelines on what constitutes consummation of the marriage and ruling on divorce of one whose husband has been alone with her, at the time of menses
38 Is it permissible to make the school mosque into a place in which children play at times other than the prayer times?
39 She intended to offer an udhiyah then she changed her mind; can she do that?
40 If a person vowed to give his child a certain name, is he obliged to fulfil that vow (nadhr)?
41 Biography of the Moghul ruler Aurangzeb; was he Salafi in his ‘aqeedah?
42 Why did the revelation to the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) cease for a while at the beginning of his mission, and how long did that last?
43 Ruling on drinking kefir
44 Division of property that forms part of the estate, if some of the heirs raise objections
45 He missed Jumu‘ah and prayed Zuhr, then he found a mosque where they were praying Jumu‘ah
46 How can we reconcile between the permissibility of marriage to a Christian or Jewish woman and belief in al-wala’ wa’l-bara’?
47 Bilaal: “He did not care what happened to him for the sake of Allah and his people did not care what happened to him”
48 Is it permissible to use the public water supply for washing cars?
49 Ruling on using expense allowances for purposes other than those for which they were allocated
50 Pornographic animated cartoons: the reality, the danger and the ruling thereon
51 A munkar (odd) report accusing ‘Aa’ishah of killing ‘Uthmaan and wanting to kill ‘Ali (may Allah have mercy on them all)
52 Ruling on dealing with the Islamic Forex
53 Are there any guidelines or conditions with regard to using the black seed?
54 They forgot to remember Allah at the time of intercourse; what should they do to protect the child from the Shaytaan?
55 He did Hajj ifraad then he did ‘Umrah after Hajj from his city; does it count as Hajj tamattu‘?
56 Natural cause and effect, and cause and effect on the basis of shar‘i principles, and their connection to success, failure and provision
57 Should damage caused by misuse be included in the company's warranty?
58 When does the ‘iddah in the case of revocable divorce end? Is it when the menstrual bleeding ceases and the woman sees the tuhr (white discharge signalling the end of menses), or is it essential for her to do ghusl?
59 Is it permissible for him to go for ‘umrah when there is an unsettled dispute between him and his friend?
60 He wants to attribute his child from his second wife to his first wife, because she cannot have children. What is the ruling?
61 He died and left behind a wife and the sons of his half-brother through his mother only; are they entitled to a share of the inheritance?
62 Tafseer of the verse “Indeed your Lord is Allah, Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days” [al-A‘raaf 7:54] and a discussion about the length of the day in this case
63 He sold some goods to a trader in his county’s currency, then the value (of that currency) dropped a great deal; in what currency should the price of the goods be paid?
64 What is the ruling on someone who causes trouble between an engaged couple so that he will call it off and she can snag him?
65 His wudoo’ was invalidated after saying the tasleem to his right; is his prayer valid or must he repeat it?
66 If the seller claims that he made a mistake about the price of the item, does the purchaser have to pay the difference?
67 Is baldness one of the defects that a suitor is required to disclose?
68 Ruling on calling a child Adam
69 He was the cause of his grandfather losing his Social Security pension; is he liable for that?
70 Will her deceased husband be punished because his mother delayed giving his wife her due share of the inheritance?
71 Ruling on administering anaesthesia at the time of death
72 Guidelines for distinguishing a saheeh hadeeth from a da‘eef one
73 Annulment of marriage before consummation or being alone together because of a defect in the woman; is the woman entitled to anything as a result of this annulment?
74 No one can pray istikhaarah on behalf of another
75 Ruling on rubbing the body with a sponge or loofah when doing ghusl?
76 Questions regarding divorce in return for letting the husband off the mahr or some other obligation, divorce during menses, and denying paternity of the child
77 He sweats and sees a trace of najaasah (impurity) on his underwear
78 How can I repent from buying shares in haram companies?
79 Do they have the right to declare their father legally incompetent and deny him access to his wealth, because he has grown old and senile, and he squanders the money?
80 How did the Sahaabah turn around during their prayer when news reached them that the qiblah had been changed?
81 If his partner is absent from work, is it permissible for him to deduct from his earnings for that reason?
82 If a woman did not cover her feet when praying, out of ignorance, does she have to repeat her prayer?
83 Can he pray Duha if he did not pray Fajr on time?
84 Is it permissible to work in a riba-based bank in which the people in charge are trying to turn it into an Islamic bank?
85 A servant is not getting her salary or food
86 Will Abu Bakr be admitted to Paradise without being brought to account?
87 There is nothing wrong with selling equipment that measures the levels of alcohol in the body
88 Warning against message that are spread on the Internet, for which there is no basis in Islamic teaching
89 Ruling on speaking whilst doing wudoo’
90 The qaadi (judge) granted his wife an annulment of the marriage by khula‘ in his absence without his knowledge
91 Will asking for ruqyah if one needs it rule out being admitted to Paradise without being called to account?
92 Martyrdom does not expiate rights owed to other people; it only expiate rights owed to Allah, may He be exalted
93 Can the telecommunications company stipulate in its contract that there will be a financial penalty for cancelling the contract?
94 Ruling on cooking chicken on which there is any trace of blood
95 She made a vow to her Lord, then she did not adhere to that vow for some time; what is the ruling?
96 He gave his infant grandson a car as a gift, but he did not give anything to his other grandchildren
97 A Christian woman is worried that her marriage to her Muslim husband may be invalid
98 Ruling on getting a loan from the bank in order to pay off a debt owed to another bank
99 She died and did not leave behind anyone but the daughter of a brother of hers; does (that niece) inherit from her?
100 He is 16 years old; his father told him to drive the car, and he hit a child, and the child died. What should he do?