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1 Is it permissible for a woman in ihram to wear medical gloves in the case of necessity?
2 He wants to do ‘umrah and has some questions about ihram
3 Ruling on raising the hands between prostrations
4 Ruling on one who starts sa‘i with al-Marwah before as-Safa
5 What is the ruling on calling an illegitimate child after the father?
6 He stoned the first jamrah before sunset on the last of the days of at-tashreeq; should he complete the stoning?
7 He interrupted tawaaf in order to go and relieve himself, then he came back and completed it. Is his tawaaf valid?
8 Is it mustahabb to recite a specific du‘aa’ when kissing the Black Stone?
9 From where should the pilgrim who is doing Hajj tamattu‘ enter ihram? Does he have to shave his head after stoning the Jamrah?
10 Is it permissible to change one’s intention from tamattu‘ to qiraan for one who has not brought a sacrificial animal with him?
11 How often should the one who is doing Hajj tamattu‘ perform tawaaf and sa‘i?
12 A Jewish person is rejecting what the Qur’an says and claiming that the Jews do not believe that ‘Uzayr is the son of God or that the hand of God is tied up
13 She does Hajj as other people do, and she is not aware of the three types of Hajj
14 Which of them should be given precedence: having children or doing the obligatory Hajj?
15 He is studying in the west; should he offer the udhiyah (sacrifice) there or appoint someone to do it on his behalf in his own country?
16 Hajj with money that originally came from a riba-based loan
17 Ruling on a Muslim travelling to the land of disbelief to settle and reside there
18 Does the one who smokes marijuana come under the same ruling as the one who drinks alcohol?
19 What are the things which, if the person who is performing tawaaf does them, do not spoil his tawaaf?
20 Ruling on men selling underwear to women
21 The essential parts, obligatory actions and Sunnahs of Hajj
22 Can a boy who is nine years old be a mahram when travelling?
23 She wants to leave the land of disbelief and go back to her family, but they refused to let her do so. What should she do?
24 Commentary on the hadith which says that three men will fight for this treasure of yours, each of them the son of a caliph
25 Meaning of the verse “And were it not that all mankind would have become of one community…” [az-Zukhruf 43:33]
26 Parents’ objection to their son following some Sunnahs
27 Where is the soul, and what happens to it, after a person has died and before he is buried?
28 Marriage without the woman’s wali (guardian), and innovated divorces (talaaq bid‘i)
29 Her daughter died by drowning – is she in Paradise? In what level of Paradise will she be? Is she aware of her mother?
30 A Christian man married to a Muslim woman wants to help her to fast
31 Ruling on keeping an animal that is a cross between a wolf and a dog
32 Ruling on preventing a non-Muslim grandmother from seeing her granddaughter
33 He said to her before consummation of the marriage and after being alone with her: “I don’t want you any more”, and he does not remember what his intention was
34 He did the farewell tawaaf, and after he finished he noticed traces of impurity on his clothes
35 How can she make it easier for herself to wear hijab?
36 What should she do about her problems with her husband’s mother? Does she have the right to prevent her from seeing her granddaughter?
37 He impugns his honour and makes accusations against his wife, and he wants to kill him!
38 He died and left behind a mother, two brothers and two sisters, and the Western court ruled that the mother is the only heir
39 Ruling on praying in a garment on which there is some impurity that has dried
40 Commentary on the beginning of Soorat al-Mulk
41 What is narrated in the Sunnah about the invasion of India
42 When observing a specific supererogatory fast, it is stipulated that the intention should be formed from the night before
43 She married a non-Muslim and he refuses to become Muslim
44 If a woman is impressed with a man’s character and religious commitment, can she offer herself to him for marriage?
45 He goes out to call people to Allah and leaves his family despite their need for him
46 Refuting the notion of those who say, “We are not worshipping You for fear of Your Hellfire or for hope of Your Paradise”
47 The Islamically prescribed manner of washing the deceased
48 Why did Mu‘aawiyah (may Allah be pleased with him) appoint his son Yazeed as his successor to the caliphate?
49 Is it correct to say that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) was given the beauty of the entire universe?
50 Penalty clauses in contracts: when are they valid and when are they not?
51 Is it recommended to quote khutbat al-haajah at the beginning of a written work?
52 If he listens to songs whilst doing some work, does that make the earnings from it haraam?
53 Issues having to do with conditional divorce, and different fatwas about whether it counts as such
54 Why are there so many languages when the origin is one?
55 The relationship between Jews and baatini (esoteric) sect s
56 Views of the salaf and Sunni scholars concerning the repentance of one who kills someone deliberately and unlawfully
57 The Qur’an is the word of Allah, may He be exalted, and is not created
58 Buying medicine and paying for surgery costs with zakaah funds
59 If someone never fasted Ramadan in his life because of his sickness, will he be deprived from entering Paradise through the gate of ar-Rayyaan?
60 Can fasting the six days of Shawwaal be done on Mondays and Thursdays?
61 Does the disbeliever have to shave his head if he becomes Muslim?
62 Ruling on signing user agreements for software and websites in which reference is made to man-made courts in the event of a dispute
63 He takes a down payment on the price of the item, then he buys it and hands it over to the purchaser
64 An airline steward is asking: is it permissible for me to offer alcohol to passengers?
65 Why did ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) call uniting the people in praying Taraweeh behind one imam an innovation (bid‘ah)?
66 They refuse to offer the Eid prayer behind someone who differs from them with regard to the number of extra takbeers
67 The adhaan is different in Ramadaan than during the rest of the year in Turkey
68 Fatwa from the Standing Committee regarding the case when the day of Eid happens to be a Friday
69 She wants to bring forward the time of her menses to Ramadan, because she is going to get married in Shawwaal
70 Is it permissible for a woman who is observing ‘iddah following her husband’s death to attend the Eid prayer?
71 Having a number of congregations for Taraweeh prayer in one mosque for the purpose of training those who have memorised the Qur’an in leading the prayer
72 Is it permissible to fast with the intention of drawing closer to Allah and earning reward, and with the intention of losing weight?
73 The reward for fasting is more than seven hundredfold
74 Guidelines regarding the kind of misinterpretation that does not constitute kufr on the part of the one who follows that misinterpretation, and some other comments on this issue
75 Giving children Eid money on the two Eids
76 Is it permissible to say that al-Husayn died as a martyr?
77 What is the factor by which the reward for righteous deeds in Ramadan is multiplied?
78 He died and left debts behind, and some of his heirs refuse to pay them off
79 Ramadan began when he was in another country but he did not fast with them because he was travelling. Does he have to make up that fast?
80 Categories of deeds and examples thereof
81 It is the right of parents to be obeyed and honoured by their children, and for their children to offer supplication for them, even if they fall short in raising them and spending on them
82 If the night of Friday coincides with an odd numbered night, is that Laylat al-Qadr?
83 She disagrees with her parents about her children’s upbringing
84 She vomited involuntarily whilst she was fasting, and she thought that it was obligatory to make up that day, then whilst she was making it up she found out that her first fast has been valid; should she complete that day or break her fast?
85 When is a person deemed to have died?
86 Remembering Allah by saying “Subhaan al-Malik al-Quddoos (Glory be to the Sovereign, the Most Holy)” following Witr prayer and not between the rak‘ahs of Taraweeh
87 Her baby is 20% breastfed; can she not fast?
88 His work schedule prevents him from breaking his fast after Maghrib in Ramadan; is it permissible for him not to fast?
89 The Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) did not do more than eleven rak‘ahs (of night prayer) during Ramadan or at any other time
90 Zakaah on grains and fruits, and the nisaab (minimum threshold at which zakaah becomes due)
91 Is it permissible to talk to others during i‘tikaaf?
92 He did not fast Ramadan because he was undergoing chemotherapy; what should he do?
93 The people of their village who follow the Hanafi madhhab delay Eid prayer; should they pray on their own?
94 Is it permissible to give items as zakaah instead of cash?
95 Various questions about zakaah
96 Her father smokes surreptitiously during the day in Ramadan, and she does not know what to do
97 Can she kiss her female friend on the cheek when she is fasting?
98 Zakaah on agricultural produce
99 Some pus comes out of his penis; how should he purify himself and pray? Does that affect his fast?
100 Zakaah on grains and fruits: is it to be paid by the seller or the buyer?