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1 Someone exited ihram of ‘umrah and shaved his head before doing sa‘i – what is the ruling?
2 The hadiy (sacrifice) that is obligatory for the pilgrim – and where it is to be slaughtered
3 They rented a building in Makkah to stay there in the daytime during the days of Mina
4 If a woman in ihram covers her face, does she have to keep the cloth away from her face?
5 How can a person protect himself from fitnah with regard to his religious commitment?
6 The one who is doing tamattu‘ must do sa‘i twice – once for ‘umrah and once for Hajj
7 He came to Jeddah with the intention of going to Madinah and entering ihram from there, but then he was prevented from going to Madinah and he entered ihram from Jeddah
8 Commentary on the verse “and man was created weak” [an-Nisa’ 4:28]
9 Wearing the burqa‘ during sa‘i
10 What is the ruling on social insurance that is sponsored by the state?
11 Can a woman pray in the Rawdah?
12 There is nothing wrong with a man having intercourse with his wife before entering ihram for ‘umrah or after completing ‘umrah
13 He is asking about the way in which Iblees whispered to our father Adam
14 Should he leave university and get a job, and save up some money, so that he can do Hajj?
15 He did ‘umrah on behalf of his grandfather but did not complete sa‘i, then he went back to his city and got married. What should he do?
16 Limits within which mixing is permitted among family members
17 She did not complete ‘umrah and she swore that she would not do it until she reached the age of forty
18 He is asking what he should do after performing ‘umrah because he will be staying in Makkah for a few days
19 Should he do Hajj for a third time or take his wife and daughter for ‘umrah?
20 Pilgrims taking photos in the holy places
21 He suffers from incontinence; what should he do in Hajj?
22 They spent the night outside Mina, and did not realise that Mina was close to
23 She found a watch in Makkah, then she threw it in the trash
24 He did ‘umrah when he was junub because he did not know that it is obligatory to do ghusl
25 Ruling on blotting out images in books and magazines; what are the images that prevent the angels from entering a house?
26 The barakah of Zamzam water is attained by everyone who drinks it, whether he is in Makkah or not
27 What are the benefits that people see in Hajj?
28 Advice to the pilgrim before he travels for Hajj
29 Should he arrange his children’s marriages or do Hajj with the money that he has?
30 Is the fact that the boss refuses to give the employee time off for Hajj regarded as an excuse that allows him to delay Hajj?
31 Ruling on someone who works in Hajj but does not do Hajj because he is unable to do it
32 She does not have any wealth; can she take money from her father in order to do Hajj? Can she delegate someone to perform Hajj on her behalf if she is not able to do Hajj?
33 The virtue and knowledge of ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him)
34 Can he put out his arm to stop a woman from passing in front of him whilst he is praying?
35 How can I act in accordance with the meanings of these names of Allah: al-Ahad, al-A‘laa, al-Akram and al-Awwal?
36 Ruling on working in a company that offers services to riba-based banks
37 What is the name of ‘Eesa (peace be upon him) in the books of the Jews? Why is it different from the name mentioned in the Qur’an?
38 How can a son reconcile with his father when there is a dispute between them?
39 It is not permissible to offer the funeral prayer for a mushrik who committed major shirk
40 If the husband is unfair in his division of time (between co-wives), he must make it up
41 Martial arts greeting by striking the palm with the fist of the other hand
42 A da‘eef hadith about the virtue of sending blessings upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)
43 Does giving thanks when calamity strikes increase calamities?
44 The Muslims are closer to Maryam the daughter of ‘Imraan than the Christians
45 Taking a riba-based loan in order to rent an apartment
46 She is asking about renewing her wudoo’ in the Haram even though there are men passing by
47 Could you give me the most accurate translation for these names of Allaah: [al alaa] [al akram] [al ilaah] [al awwal]
48 The way in which the wives of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) dealt with the inherent jealousy of women
49 Ruling on using honey to cleanse and purify the eyes; is that regarded as changing the creation of Allah?
50 Is it permissible to grieve for a man who died as a disbeliever, because he will abide for ever in Hell?
51 How can a person know whether finding things being made easy for him and having his prayers answered does not come under the heading of being led step-by-step to his ruin?
52 Ruling on student loans based on takaaful where the individual pays back more than he borrowed in order to help other students
53 Ruling on using a “Biodisc” and the ruling on wearing “Chi pendants” for benefit or healing
54 It is not permissible to prostrate to anyone other than Allah, even if it is only by way of veneration and showing respect
55 Ruling on the mu’adhdhin at the microphone turning to the right and left when saying Hayya ‘ala as-salaah, hayya ‘ala al-falaah
56 In the battle between the Jews and the Muslims at the end of time, the aggressors will be the Jews
57 Why do some of the scholars disallow tawassul by virtue of the status of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)?
58 Does prostrating or bowing by way of greeting come under the heading of shirk?
59 She was fasting to make up missed days, but she said: I am fasting six days of Shawwaal
60 Are there any texts that state the age of the earth?
61 Ruling on writing the Qur’an or part of it in an alphabet other than Arabic then pronouncing it in Arabic – will one have the reward of reciting it?
62 Is it permissible not to celebrate Eid, out of sorrow for what is happening to the Muslims in Palestine and elsewhere?
63 He gave him a bag of rice; can he give zakat al-fitr from it?
64 He interrupts the Eid takbeeraat to remind the people by quoting a hadith for which there is no basis
65 Is it permissible to give zakat al-fitr in the form of powdered milk?
66 The rate of zakat al-fitr if it is given in the form of meat
67 If he misses a rak‘ah of Eid prayer or the prayer for rain, how should he offer the prayer?
68 Is despairing of the mercy of Allah regarded as disbelief?
69 Staying in the mosque brings reward and virtue even if it is not i‘tikaaf
70 What is the ruling on option contracts on shares?
71 Summary of cases and rulings regarding zakaah on real estate
72 Ruling on having elective surgery during the day in Ramadan
73 Ruling on foods and drinks containing alcohol
74 Advice to someone who has a stammer and wants to seek knowledge and teach it to people
75 She did i‘tikaaf in the last ten days of Ramadan, then got her menses; what is the ruling?
76 On Laylat al-Qadr Allah transfers from al-Lawh al-Mahfooz and gives to the angels what is to happen by His decree in the coming year
77 The last ten nights of Ramadan begin from the night before the twenty first day, whether the month is complete or not
78 Is there a specific punishment for looking at adorned women whilst fasting?
79 What should the patient who is suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure do about fasting in Ramadan?
80 She needs to keep her weight steady because she wants to have a baby, but she loses weight because of fasting. Can she break the fast in Ramadan?
81 If the fasting person uses nose cream before Fajr and it continues to enter his throat until after Fajr, is his fast broken thereby?
82 Ruling on only reciting Soorat al-Ikhlaas in tahajjud prayers, and repeating it a specific number of times in each rak‘ah
83 He apostatised during the day in Ramadan then he came back to Islam – what must he do?
84 Does inserting a catheter into the patient’s body to drain urine invalidate the fast?
85 Her husband engaged in foreplay with her in Ramadan, and she let him have intercourse with her so that he would break his fast and be sinning! Did she break her fast with this intention?
86 Is it permissible to pray Taraweeh with thirty rak‘ahs?
87 What is meant by the setting of the sun that makes it permissible to break the fast?
88 The pregnant woman is not prevented from praying and entering the mosque
89 Is it true that the veil is lifted between Allah and His slaves at the time when the fasting people break their fast?
90 Ruling on one who breaks the fast in Ramadan with no excuse
91 They pray Taraweeh and tahajjud in their mosque; how can they finish with the imam?
92 Types of food and drink that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) used to have for his iftaar and sahoor
93 She is sick and does not have the strength to fast
94 Does seeing the new moon during the day count with regard to verifying the beginning or end of the month?
95 Should they follow the people of the county where they are living, who rely on astronomical calculations with regard to sighting the new moon?
96 It is not a condition of fasting being valid that one should pray in congregation
97 Does blood in the vagina come under the same ruling as menstrual blood even though it has not yet come out?
98 Sensing the need of the poor person and treating him kindly come under the heading of piety, for the attaining of which fasting was prescribed
99 Marriage to a mahram woman is a major sin but does not mean that one is an apostate
100 Why is masturbation regarded as breaking the fast, when the same does not apply to wanton display of beauty (tabarruj) and other sins?