1 Ruling on rubbing the body with a sponge or loofah when doing ghusl?
2 Questions regarding divorce in return for letting the husband off the mahr or some other obligation, divorce during menses, and denying paternity of the child
3 He sweats and sees a trace of najaasah (impurity) on his underwear
4 How can I repent from buying shares in haram companies?
5 Do they have the right to declare their father legally incompetent and deny him access to his wealth, because he has grown old and senile, and he squanders the money?
6 How did the Sahaabah turn around during their prayer when news reached them that the qiblah had been changed?
7 If his partner is absent from work, is it permissible for him to deduct from his earnings for that reason?
8 If a woman did not cover her feet when praying, out of ignorance, does she have to repeat her prayer?
9 Can he pray Duha if he did not pray Fajr on time?
10 Is it permissible to work in a riba-based bank in which the people in charge are trying to turn it into an Islamic bank?
11 A servant is not getting her salary or food
12 Will Abu Bakr be admitted to Paradise without being brought to account?
13 There is nothing wrong with selling equipment that measures the levels of alcohol in the body
14 Warning against message that are spread on the Internet, for which there is no basis in Islamic teaching
15 Ruling on speaking whilst doing wudoo’
16 The qaadi (judge) granted his wife an annulment of the marriage by khula‘ in his absence without his knowledge
17 Will asking for ruqyah if one needs it rule out being admitted to Paradise without being called to account?
18 Martyrdom does not expiate rights owed to other people; it only expiate rights owed to Allah, may He be exalted
19 Can the telecommunications company stipulate in its contract that there will be a financial penalty for cancelling the contract?
20 Ruling on cooking chicken on which there is any trace of blood
21 She made a vow to her Lord, then she did not adhere to that vow for some time; what is the ruling?
22 He gave his infant grandson a car as a gift, but he did not give anything to his other grandchildren
23 A Christian woman is worried that her marriage to her Muslim husband may be invalid
24 Ruling on getting a loan from the bank in order to pay off a debt owed to another bank
25 She died and did not leave behind anyone but the daughter of a brother of hers; does (that niece) inherit from her?
26 He is 16 years old; his father told him to drive the car, and he hit a child, and the child died. What should he do?
27 During tawaaf he became unsure (of how many circuits he had completed), so he proceeded on the basis of what he thought was most likely to be the case. Is his tawaaf valid, or does he have to repeat it?
28 If an eclipse happens at the time of Jumu‘ah prayer, which prayer should be done first?
29 He gave one of his wives a house with the agreement of his children from his other wife; after he died, they objected. Is the gift valid or is it part of the estate?
30 He was late in delivering the money to the charity, and the money was stolen; is he liable?
31 He died and left behind a wife, a mother, and his brother’s children; how should the estate be divided?
32 He wronged himself by committing major sins; should he do Hajj on his own behalf or on behalf of his paternal aunt? He has done Hajj twice before
33 Status of Muhammad ibn Ishaaq, the narrator of al-Maghaazi, in the view of hadith scholars
34 Ruling on using a tasbeeh ring
35 Is al-Munji one of the names of Allah?
36 Ruling on giving the name Daiyaanullah
37 He is asking about a football computer game
38 She refuses to get married for fear that her husband might force her to work
39 Is the son of a half-sister regarded as a mahram?
40 He went to pay off what he owed to the telecommunications company, and they told him “You do not owe us anything.” Is his debt waived?
41 Ruling on setting a time for the iqaamah for prayer so that it will be no later or earlier than a specific time
42 Tafseer on the basis of narrated texts and tafseer on the basis of individual understanding
43 Her father is addicted to alcohol and works for a Christian who sells pork; does she have to inform her suitor of that?
44 What is the comfortable mount that is regarded as part of happiness?
45 The Tijani tariqah
46 Salary for one who is a partner in a business on the basis of his expertise and work
47 She has a strong desire to have a baby and is praying for that, but her husband wants to delay having a baby, and now she is frustrated
48 Ruling on the imam walking in the direction of the qiblah to reach the microphone so that the people can hear him
49 She is asking a number of questions about al-hoor al-‘iyn in Paradise
50 The difference between cooperative insurance and commercial insurance
51 Biography of Uways al-Qarni (may Allah have mercy on him)
52 Her husband has forsaken her in bed for a year and a half
53 The hadith narrated from Abu Hurayrah about the black banners is not saheeh
54 Did Shaykh al-Albaani class some hadiths in Saheeh al-Bukhaari as da‘eef (weak)?
55 Is it permissible to speak words of disbelief in order to save one’s life? Which is preferable, to be patient or to utter such words?
56 There are no secret meanings in the Qur’an that were taught to some people to the exclusion of others
57 Should she deal with this website whose owner claims that he can treat sihr (witchcraft)?
58 The life of the righteous in their graves is the life of al-barzakh and no one knows how it really is except Allah
59 Ruling on wiping over the head cover for women
60 She has developed white hair early; can she dye the white hairs black?
61 Ruling on wearing shoes if they are made of pig skin, and ruling on praying in them
62 Why do we not say that the Big Bang came before everything else?
63 The Shaytaan whispers to him to make him imagine a form for Allah, may He exalted, so that he can attain the level of ihsaan!
64 Will the one who does not pray, but affirms the pillars of faith, go to Hell?
65 What is the appropriate age to teach children sex education?
66 I did not let my husband read a message from my friend, and he got angry
67 Selling posters and frames of Qur’aanic verses
68 Are the scholars unanimously agreed on the stipulation that the khuff (leather sock) must cover the ankles?
69 Will the wife in Paradise be obliged to obey her husband and live with his other wives?
70 Ruling on praying behind someone who promotes democracy and secularism
71 The reality of that which is called “umm as-subyaan” or “al-qareenah”, and the extent to which offering a sacrifice is beneficial in warding off harm from the foetus
72 Are the books Bihaar al-Anwaar and Tafseer al-Jalaalayn trustworthy?
73 She gave a painkiller to a patient with heart failure and the patient died
74 The sister of the wife’s grandfather and the sister of her grandmother are mahrams to the husband just as her paternal aunt and maternal aunt are mahrams to him
75 The ideology of communism
76 It is not permissible for the guardian to dispose of wealth belonging to the one who is under his guardianship, except in a manner that will most likely be in the latter’s best interests
77 The company will give him a loan equal to the price of what he wants to buy; can he tell them a figure greater than the real price, so that he may take a bigger loan?
78 He died and left behind his sister and his brother’s children
79 If a person talks to himself about someone else who mistreated him, is that regarded as backbiting?
80 The hadith “Woe to ‘Ammaar; he will be killed by the transgressing group; he will be calling them to Paradise and they will be calling him to Hell,” and refutation of the specious argument which quotes it to cast aspersions upon Mu‘aawiyah
81 His company has an annual dinner that they call the Christmas dinner
82 His father gives him money for his university expenses, then there is some extra money left over; is it permissible for him to take it?
83 If a person listens to Soorat al-Kahf on Friday, will he have the same reward as the one who reads the soorah?
84 Did the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) have a Jewish servant boy?
85 Starting a business mainly aimed at supplying food and drink for wedding parties and Christian celebrations
86 Is it permissible for the maintenance team to take turns sleeping during the night shift?
87 He is suffering the effects of witchcraft and asking for advice
88 Is my father a mahram to the wife of my half-brother through my mother?
89 If he said to his wife: “Go back to your father’s house,” does that count as a divorce (talaaq)?
90 The maternal and paternal uncles of the husband are not mahrams to the wife
91 Ruling on selling perfumes that contain harmful substances
92 Is there a concession allowing one who has repented from buying haraam shares to keep them in order to recover his or her capital?
93 He recited quietly at the beginning of his prayer, then someone else joined him; should he complete it reciting quietly or out loud?
94 Can the husband have intercourse with one wife, then with the second wife, before washing himself?
95 How should the family deal with a disobedient son?
96 The ruling on castration
97 The father’s (ex-)wife is a mahram to his sons even if she did not bear him any children
98 Ruling on meat slaughtered by the Shi‘ah (Raafidis)
99 Is the thigh part of the ‘awrah?
100 She caused a traffic accident that led to her mother’s death