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1 Is it permissible to talk to others during i‘tikaaf?
2 He did not fast Ramadan because he was undergoing chemotherapy; what should he do?
3 The people of their village who follow the Hanafi madhhab delay Eid prayer; should they pray on their own?
4 Is it permissible to give items as zakaah instead of cash?
5 Various questions about zakaah
6 Her father smokes surreptitiously during the day in Ramadan, and she does not know what to do
7 Can she kiss her female friend on the cheek when she is fasting?
8 Zakaah on agricultural produce
9 Some pus comes out of his penis; how should he purify himself and pray? Does that affect his fast?
10 Zakaah on grains and fruits: is it to be paid by the seller or the buyer?
11 What should the Muslims who are prevented from fasting by the Chinese government do?
12 He used to invalidate his fast several years ago, and he does not know the number of days on which he broke his fast
13 He is not sure whether what came out of him whilst he was fasting was madhiy or maniy
14 Her daughter suffers from seizures; can she give her medicine during the day in Ramadan?
15 He masturbated during the day in Ramadan in order to provide a sample of semen for testing in the case of infertility; what are the consequences of that action?
16 Is it permissible to pray in a mosque where the ground floor is controlled by the Shi‘ah and the Sunnis control the upper floor?
17 He was fasting and he told someone that he was not fasting; what is the ruling on his fast?
18 Does diarrhoea make it permissible for the fasting person to break his fast?
19 She is menstruating and is asking him to touch her private part when he is fasting
20 The hadith of Abu Moosa and Hudhayfah which says that the takbeeraat of Eid are four, as in the funeral prayer
21 If a person is aware that masturbation is haraam, but is unaware that it invalidates the fast, does he break the fast if he masturbates during the day in Ramadan?
22 Purchasing houses by instalments, with a condition stipulating a penalty for any delay in payment
23 They put him under anaesthetic when he was fasting, then make him inhale something to wake him up
24 She drank something because she forgot that she was fasting, and her mother told her that she had broken a fast, so she broke the fast, then she made up that day; does she have to do anything further?
25 She broke the Ramadan fast because of a relationship between her and a young man; what must she do?
26 Living in an apartment that his father bought by riba
27 He fasted along with the people of the city for thirty-one days, and during that time he travelled for one day, when he did not fast because of travelling; does he have to make up that day?
28 Is it permissible for him to remove his body hair with a laser? Will that affect his fast?
29 If he kisses his wife whilst fasting and emits maniy, he has invalidated his fast and must make it up
30 Detailed discussion about the hadith “Tell him to bite his father’s male member” and refutation of those who say that this is gratuitously obscene speech
31 Some Sunnahs of fasting that the fasting person is encouraged to uphold
32 No specific adhkaar have been narrated for the month of Ramadan
33 There is no specific du‘aa’ for each day and night of Ramadan
34 Which is more precise, the adhaan of the mosque or the electronic adhaan?
35 When should those living in tall buildings break their fast?
36 Is it permissible for her to have a medical exam or test which requires her to break her fast during the day in Ramadan?
37 Why do we send blessings upon Ibraaheem when the command in the Qur’an is to send blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad only?
38 Is it permissible to pray Taraweeh twice in one night?
39 Is it permissible for one who is residing in a country where the days are very long to follow the timings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for his fasting and prayers?
40 What is meant by sahoor in the hadiths that speak of its virtue is the sahoor of those who fast in particular
41 The virtue of sending a great deal of blessings upon the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)
42 She formed the intention to make up a missed Ramadan fast as the adhaan for Fajr began; is her fast valid?
43 He works in a salt factory, and cannot help inhaling salt dust whilst fasting
44 She broke the fast in Ramadan and she cannot make up those days or feed poor persons instead
45 Ruling on giving the expiation for delay in making up missed fasts to relatives
46 How can a woman pray Taraweeh in her house?
47 Whoever voluntarily swallows food remnants that are caught between his teeth, or swallows some of the water he uses to rinse out his mouth whilst doing wudoo’, has broken the fast
48 Postnasal drip in the case of sinusitis does not affect the validity of the fast
49 She has repented from apostasy; does she have to make up the prayers and fasts that she missed when she was an apostate?
50 He concealed the fact that he had divorced his wife thrice (in writing) in a talaaq form, then his wife found out about it. Does the talaaq count as such?
51 He does not pray the Sunnah prayers, then he prays them all in one go after ‘Isha’ prayer
52 Is it permissible for a woman to appoint someone else to stone the Jamaraat on her behalf, if the Jamaraat location is far away from her?
53 Weakness of the hadeeth “The bonds of Islam and the foundations of the faith are three…”
54 Is it recommended to do the Sunnah prayers all the time, or is it better not to do them sometimes so that they do not become like the obligatory prayers?
55 He collected money for his father’s medical treatment; what is the ruling on the surplus money?
56 Ruling on a father giving wealth to his children and heirs whilst he is still alive
57 If people pretend to know medicine and prescribe remedies, but they are not doctors, and they cause the death of a sick person, is the ruling the same as that on one who killed deliberately?
58 The hadith about the sheep eating the page containing the verse about stoning and breastfeeding in the house of ‘Aa’ishah is not saheeh
59 How will the souls of the disbelievers be restored after their bodies were burned?
60 His wife asked him for a divorce, so he gave her khula‘ even though she refused it. Is their separation regarded as khula‘ or talaaq?
61 Is it permissible for him to call his daughter an-Naazi‘aat?
62 Dhu’th-Thudayyah
63 Do those who are travelling to mosques and staying there for the purpose of calling people to Allah come under the heading of travelling for the purpose of visiting those mosques?
64 Ruling on repeating a specific dhikr at a specific time
65 Bad attitude on the part of the daa‘iyah is an obstacle to da‘wah
66 They divided their father’s estate apart from one house; how should it be divided, when some of them have died and others are still alive?
67 Ruling on a wife spending on her husband’s children, and the children spending on their father’s wife
68 She wants to get married and she is asking about her wali (guardian) for the purpose of marriage?
69 It is not permissible to make accusations without proof against a Muslim woman who does not wear hijab, or to pray that she go to Hell
70 If he said to his wife, “You are thrice haraam for me,” what is the ruling on that?
71 He died and left behind a wife, sons and daughters, and some of his children died before him. Do his grandchildren inherit the shares of his children who died before him?
72 His mother’s husband brought him up; is he entitled to the same kindness, du‘aa’ and upholding of ties as his real father?
73 Ruling on one who, whilst praying, switches between the seven modes of recitation that were narrated via mutawaatir reports
74 A false and fabricated hadith about the virtue of reciting Aayat al-Kursiy immediately after doing wudoo’
75 Ruling on buying additional warranty coverage for products
76 What is the ruling on using the douche that women use to clean their private parts?
77 Who are the siddeeqoon? What are their characteristics?
78 Is it permissible for a woman to pray to drink from the hand of the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) on the Day of Resurrection?
79 The way to grow closer to Allah
80 Which was created first, the heavens or the earth?
81 Is delay in repayment of the debt regarded as charity on the part of the creditor?
82 Rulings and issues for a husband who discovered a romantic relationship between his wife and another man
83 What is the ruling on facing towards the qiblah whilst drinking?
84 Do the recording angels ever leave a person under any circumstances?
85 She did not observe ‘iddah following her husband’s death because she thought that ‘iddah was only required for a woman whose marriage had been consummated
86 A girl wants to become Muslim and conceal her Islam; how should she deal with issues of prayer, hijab and eating pork?
87 Is it to be understood from what Ibn ‘Umar and Abu Hurayrah did, and the fact that the people said takbeer when they heard their takbeer, that this was takbeer in unison?
88 Should he enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong to someone who will not listen to what he says?
89 Dealing with a multilevel marketing company
90 Is it prescribed to bury animals when they die?
91 Commentary on the hadith: “the dearest of prayer to Allah is the prayer of Dawood (peace be upon him). He used to sleep for half the night, get up and pray for one third of it, and sleep for one sixth of it”
92 Her husband denounced her as a disbeliever because she will not denounce people as disbelievers
93 Did ‘Eesaa (peace be upon him) die? Where is he now? And a comment on what is mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew
94 I want us to get our own place but my husband refuses; what should I do?
95 Discussion of the verse “So stand firm and straight (on the religion of Islamic Monotheism) as you are commanded”
96 Guidelines on what constitutes consummation of the marriage and ruling on divorce of one whose husband has been alone with her, at the time of menses
97 Is it permissible to make the school mosque into a place in which children play at times other than the prayer times?
98 She intended to offer an udhiyah then she changed her mind; can she do that?
99 If a person vowed to give his child a certain name, is he obliged to fulfil that vow (nadhr)?
100 Biography of the Moghul ruler Aurangzeb; was he Salafi in his ‘aqeedah?