1 Celebrating the Mawlid is a legitimate act of worship according to those who regard it as mustahabb
2 The bid‘ah (innovation) of encouraging billions of salawaat upon the Messenger of Allah on the occasion of the Mawlid (Prophet’s Birthday)
3 Why do the Muslims not celebrate the birthday of ‘Eesa (Jesus – peace be upon him) as they celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him)?
4 How should he deal with his family who celebrate the Prophet’s birthday (Mawlid) and make comments about him because he does not join them?
5 Ruling on wearing Shamballa bracelets
6 Celebrating special occasions and festivals – what is permissible and what is not?
7 They did not carry out their father’s last wishes, and the ruling on doing Hajj before execution of the will
8 What should a person do if he feels that his death is approaching?
9 Raising the voice in dhikr and takbeer following the prayer
10 He has a lot of problems and feels jealous of others
11 Allah created the mountains stable to stabilise the earth and prevent it from moving and shaking
12 Can he continue to follow the Hanafi madhhab, and how can he determine which view is correct?
13 Does the fact that a disbeliever will be a Muslim’s ransom from the Fire mean that none of the Muslims will ever enter the Fire?
14 Oath of allegiance (bay‘ah) of ‘Ali ibn Abi Taalib to Abu Bakr as-Siddeeq (may Allah be pleased with them both)
15 Impact of devaluation of a currency on debts and stolen items
16 Ruling on eating the testicles of halal-slaughtered animals, and eating crabs
17 He claims to have a hair of the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) and he wants to build a mosque in which to preserve it!
18 She unknowingly married her daughter to a mushrik, and she has three children from him, and she is asking about the ruling
19 Giving a loan with a penalty clause
20 If a person dies in the bathroom, is that indicative of a bad end?
21 Is there any mention in the Islamic texts of a minimum period that sinners among the people of Tawheed will spend in Hell?
22 The relationship between the Mother of the Believers ‘Aa’ishah and the Prophet’s daughter Faatimah (may Allah be pleased with them both)
23 Is the wife of one’s stepson (wife’s son from a previous marriage) one of the mahrams of his mother’s husband?
24 Soorat al-Ahzaab was as long as Soorat al-Baqarah, then most of it was abrogated
25 She is suffering from waswasah and is asking whether the scholars were affected by waswasah too
26 She has been living with a man for several years and she wants to do Hajj then go back to him
27 He got married without his family’s knowledge, and he wants to prevent his wife from having children until he tells his family; is it permissible for him to do that?
28 The refusal of ‘Umar and those who were with him to bring writing materials to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) during his illness
29 A Muslim apostatised and became Christian in order to get asylum in a foreign country, but he believes that he is still a Muslim
30 Are the names of the surahs a matter of tawqeef?
31 One of the wives is seeking the help of unjust laws to cause harm to the other wife; what is the ruling?
32 How should he deal with the congregation of the mosque who are insisting that the mosque should be called Ahle Hadis (Ahl al-Hadith)?
33 it is possible to fly with the help of jinn or angel?
34 Is it permissible to speak of Allah, may He be exalted, as a “Being”?
35 How can a person who fell short in his work make amends for his sin?
36 Ruling on the imam standing on the far left of the musalla and ruling on the worshippers near him standing on his right
37 Ruling on learning the Qur’an without teaching it
38 His father wants to take back his gift after he was successful in doing business with it
39 Ruling on putting prayers together and shortening them when not travelling
40 He is asking about issues concerning which the four imams differed
41 Is it permissible to marry a Yazidi woman?
42 He wants to change his son’s name Muhammad to another name, because the name is difficult for the child
43 Definition of the Islamic character and its main features, and a warning against spoiling or distorting it
44 Rulings on hunting
45 What is meant by prostrating a great deal in the hadith “Help me to do that for you by prostrating a great deal”?
46 She is confused about purity following menses; what should she do?
47 It is not valid to make a waqf of social media pages
48 Should they pray behind someone who says that Allah is everywhere?
49 When is it permissible to do a sex-change operation from male to female or vice versa?
50 How should he deal with a work colleague who reviles Allah and His Messenger?
51 Ruling on sitting with the knees drawn up (ihtiba’)
52 Ruling on sitting, resting on the heel of the left hand behind one’s back
53 Hadith about the conquest of India
54 Ruling on buying shares in a company that deals with metals for a monthly return
55 Was Ibn Hazm (may Allah have mercy on him) one of Ahl as-Sunnah?
56 The story of ‘Umar’s exiling of Nasr ibn Hajjaaj from Madinah
57 Will the Qur’an testify, on the Day of Resurrection, against those who went against it as it will testify for its companions (those who read it and acted upon it) and intercede for them?
58 Raising children in an unrighteous environment
59 Annulling engagement because of a dream
60 Making fun of Islam and repenting from it
61 The effect of permeable nail polish on the validity of wudoo’
62 The Prophet’s seeing those who were behind his back
63 Moving and swaying whilst remembering Allah (performing dhikr) is an innovation (bid‘ah)
64 What is the ruling on “beatboxing”?
65 He believes that the reason for the prevalence of shirk is the occurrence of “miracles”
66 He committed zina with a woman then incited her to get divorced from her husband, then he married her after they had both repented from this sin of zina, then they regretted what they had done
67 “Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists)” is a command to recite from memory, not from a written page
68 My sister is married in a sunni family who have got their daughter married in an ahmaddiya family.So, can have good relation with my sisters family or should i abandon her family because they are having relations with ahmaddiyas.
69 Ruling on one who is not sure whether he passed wind during the prayer
70 Ruling on not obeying parents with regard to medical treatment
71 He is worried that he may have caused harm to another person
72 Ruling on wearing gold and silk for children
73 Is it permissible for a man to pray for marriage to a particular woman, or for a woman to pray for marriage to a particular man?
74 Is it permissible to give a donation to a college in return for the opportunity to study there?
75 Ruling on praying Jumu‘ah at home if there is no Sunni mosque
76 A woman died and left behind three daughters, grandchildren (daughter’s children), a full brother, a full sister, and sons of the full brother
77 It is not permissible for a female doctor to take off her hijab when visiting patients, even if the laws governing her work require her to do that
78 She died before taking her share of her father’s estate, and left behind a husband and mother. What is the ruling?
79 He died and left behind a wife, a mother, two daughters and a brother
80 Ruling on buying fixed-return shares
81 Can the one who comes late to the prayer pull back the person who is standing next to the imam if he is bowing, or should he just stand next to him?
82 His grandfather divided his wealth between his male children and deprived the females; what should the heirs do?
83 Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to touch the colour-coded tajweed Mushaf?
84 Reconciling between the prohibition on turning wine into vinegar and the hadith “What a good condiment vinegar is”
85 She is asking: why does Allah praise Himself?
86 Various issues having to do with shirk, trust in Allah, and taking appropriate measures
87 The seven sins that doom a person to Hell
88 Can he do tayammum when he is wearing khufoof (leather socks)?
89 Someone has proposed marriage to a girl, and she is asking whether she can meet him with a non-Muslim chaperone, because she is cut off from her family
90 How should the person who lives in a country where the time between dawn and sunrise is long fast and pray?
91 Ruling on calling a child Ya-Seen
92 Is it permissible for his wife to take care of a non-mahram man who is paralysed?
93 Is there a difference between waajib and fard?
94 She made a bequest of some money as a contribution to building a mosque; can the executor of the bequest give it to the poor because they are in need?
95 It is not valid to sell something for an unknown price or for a price to be paid within an unknown period of time
96 What is the ruling on marrying a Jewish or Christian woman who is pregnant from a previous relationship?
97 What is the ruling on one who swore on the Mushaf (Qur’an) when he was not in a state of purity?
98 Her parents are divorced; can she get married without her father’s permission?
99 Are those Bedouin who became Muslim and some of them behaved badly towards the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) regarded as being among the Sahaabah?
100 If a person changes his name, does he have to offer another ‘aqeeqah on his own behalf?