The Muslim Woman's Attire & Hijaab

21 Elderly woman uncovering her face before non-mahrams. 111940
22 Rulings on women imitating men. 11083
23 She is not allowed to wear hijab, so how can she go out to work and meet her needs?. 93145
24 She lives in a mixed family home – should she wear the niqaab all day?. 85163
25 Should she take off her hijab because of the harassment that she is faced with after the London bombings?. 69432
26 Ruling on women wearing pants under a short garment. 60131
27 Ruling on selling haraam clothes to the kuffaar. 42564
28 What can a Muslim woman uncover in front of kaafir mahrams and women?. 43480
29 Ruling on women wearing tight clothes in front of women and mahrams. 14302
30 There is nothing wrong with a woman wearing a white wedding dress. 12853
31 Verses and hadeeth about hijab. 13998
32 Commentary on the hadeeth; “two types of the people of Hell whom I have not seen…”. 47017
33 Ruling on a woman covering her face when praying because non-mahram men may pass by. 45871
34 Ruling on covering the hands in the presence of non-mahram men. 45869
35 Does the prohibition on isbaal include women too?. 48953
36 Can she uncover her face in front of her sister’s husband?. 40618
37 Can he take his mother to the market when she is wearing a short abayah?. 34696
38 Should she take off her niqaab because it is harming her and her foetus?. 34544
39 She is going to fail her exam because of her hijab. 39443
40 She is married to a Muslim and hijab is putting her off Islam. 27107