Mixing and Hand Shaking

21 It is not permissible for a seller to touch the hand of a woman who is buying from him. 34685
22 He had an operation to turn him from a man into a woman (“sex-change”). Can he be alone with women?. 34553
23 He fell in love with a girl then he repented. Can he be friends with her?. 33702
24 She has repented from an illicit relationship but she wants to contact him in order to get married to him. 27329
25 He has repented from a relationship with a woman over the internet. 27109
26 Correspondence between the sexes. 26890
27 Prohibition on either spouse forming a relationship with someone else just for fun. 23349
28 Sitting with non-mahrams in complete hijab. 23302
29 Mixed farewell parties. 22084
30 He has contacted her several times saying that he wants to propose marriage, but she does not know anything about him. 21973
31 Internet relationships. 21933
32 Ruling on male student shaking hands with a female classmate. 21608
33 What is the khulwah that is forbidden?. 21603
34 It is not permissible for a shaykh to be alone with a non-mahram woman in order to recite ruqyah for her. 21599
35 Shaking hands with a non-maham woman. 21183
36 The punishment for lesbianism. 21058
37 Friendship and love between a man and a woman. 20949
38 Dangers of mixing with male cousins and relatives. 20784
39 He has repented from a haraam relationship; should he marry his former girlfriend if she becomes Muslim?. 20274
40 Means of helping oneself to lower one’s gaze. 20229