Non-Marriageable Relatives of Women

1 Is the son of her husband’s daughter regarded as a mahram for her?. 67921
2 A woman’s maternal uncle is a mahram and it is permissible for him to be alone with her. 65925
3 Can his wife uncover in front of his elderly uncle?. 60144
4 Is it permissible for her sister’s husband to stay overnight with them in their house?. 52814
5 The daughter of a sister through breastfeeding is forbidden in marriage. 52773
6 He does not allow his wife to appear in front of his brothers. 47764
7 The husband’s father is a mahram for his son’s wife. 45970
8 Is the wife of one’s son through breastfeeding a mahram?. 40401
9 What is the relationship of a woman to the man who has divorced her?. 36548
10 Uncles of one’s parents are mahrams. 34791
11 His relative is in jail and he sits with his wife and children in order to look after them. 33628
12 Is the wife’s sister considered to be a mahram?. 32689
13 A woman marrying her father’s maternal uncle. 32455
14 Should she wear hijab in front of her Christian maternal uncle?. 21953
15 The husband’s children are mahrams for their father’s wife. 20755
16 Is the father of one’s ex-husband a mahram?. 20750
17 Is my husband a mahram for my brother’s daughter whom I brought up?. 20248
18 This woman is not your mahram. 14333
19 Uncovering in front of the husband’s father through radaa’ah. 13257
20 Ruling on observing hijaab in front of one’s son in law. 13231