The Woman's Ritual Purity

21 The dryness that happens to a woman during her period. 37839
22 She got a period one week after the previous period. 37828
23 When is the bleeding following an abortion regarded as nifaas?. 37784
24 The discharge which is passed continuously by a woman does not have any effect on the fast. 37752
25 She did ‘Umrah and prayed when she was menstruating. 36929
26 Intimacy with a woman who is menstruating. 36864
27 He cannot be patient when his wife has her period. 36740
28 Intimacy with one’s wife when she is menstruating or in nifaas. 36722
29 How should a woman wash her hair when doing ghusl from janaabah?. 34776
30 Dyeing the hair – is it permissible to wipe over dyed hair in wudoo’?. 33724
31 Menstruating women entering the mosque to listen to the khutbah. 33649
32 It is not sufficient to wipe the head and run the fingers through the hair when doing ghusl from janaabah. 27065
33 She took pills and her period became irregular. 25784
34 She saw some drops of blood during pregnancy – should she stop praying?. 23400
35 Ruling on a woman’s continual discharge. 22949
36 If a woman lengthens her garment by a handspan, it will lead to the garment getting dirty, so how can she pray in it?. 22854
37 Using hair oil does not invalidate wudoo’. 22040
38 Does the cream invalidate wudoo’ or not?. 21791
39 What is the length of time between menstrual periods?. 20898
40 Is it essential to wash the blood from feminine pads before throwing them away?. 20009