The Woman's Ritual Purity

21 The discharge which is passed continuously by a woman does not have any effect on the fast. 37752
22 Purification and prayer for one who has urinary incontinence. 39494
23 The reason why it is forbidden to have intercourse with one's wife when she is menstruating or bleeding following childbirth. 43028
24 When can a menstruating woman fast?. 10052
25 Circumcision of girls and some doctors’ criticism thereof. 60314
26 She cannot take off her hijab when doing wudoo’ at work; should she wipe over it?. 72391
27 She was forced to touch the Mus-haf when she was menstruating. 70403
28 There is nothing wrong with a menstruating woman entering al-Madeenah al-Munawwarah. 69758
29 Menstruating woman entering the mosque to attend a class or a halaqah for memorizing Qur’aan. 60213
30 She saw the tuhr then she had some discharge – what should she do?. 65593
31 She was not certain that her period had ended, and she prayed and fasted. 66062
32 If the bleeding lasts for more than 15 days is it still regarded as menstruation, and can she fast?. 65570
33 Does a woman have to undo her hair when doing ghusl in the case of janaabah (impurity following sexual activity)?. 40329
34 Her periods stopped but a little bit of blood that was pale in colour came out. 50292
35 She purified herself following her menses then she saw some drops of blood. 12693
36 Her period comes twice a month – should she stop praying and fasting each time?. 49671
37 If a woman’s nifaas ends before forty days, she should do ghusl and pray and fast. 50308
38 If her period begins before sunset, even if it is just a moment before, her fast is invalidated and she has to make it up.. 50282
39 Is wudoo’ valid when a person has oil in his hair?. 39493
40 She sees a dry brownish-reddish spot a few days before her period. 38750