The Woman's Ritual Purity

61 If a female has an orgasm without intercourse. 6010
62 Strange and innovated method of performing ghusl after menstruation. 5900
63 Ruling on woman making du’aa’ during her period. 5048
64 Woman exciting herself to the point of climax. 3578
65 Reading Qur’aan during menses. 2564
66 Passing wind from the front passage. 2175
67 Is it obligatory to wash one’s hair when doing ghusl after having intercourse?. 2648
68 Should a menstruating woman do ghusl after sexual contact?. 2121
69 It is permissible for a woman in nifaas to go out of her house if she wishes, so long as she meets the shar’i conditions. 1478
70 Ruling on a menstruating woman entering rooms etc. attached to the mosque. 183
71 Ruling on female circumcision. 1188
72 Circumcision for women is not obligatory. 427
73 If the menses lasts longer than usual. 121366
74 Her hair is falling out and washing her head harms her; how should she do ghusl following menses and in the case of janaabah?. 129496
75 If a woman gives birth and does not bleed, or she bleeds a little then it stops before the end of forty days. 140621
76 Woman having intercourse if she does tayammum after her menstrual bleeding stops. 146616
77 Menstruating women entering rooms attached to the mosque. 34815
78 Woman Affected by Waswaas With Regard to Purity (Tahaarah). 10160
79 Putting prayers together because of being too busy with breastfeeding. 154863
80 She was not certain that her period had ended, and she prayed and fasted. 66062