Disliked Matters during Fasting and Factors that Nullify the Fast

21 If water reaches his throat because of rinsing his nose when fasting. 98283
22 He engaged in foreplay with his wife until he ejaculated. 37887
23 He wants his wife to break her fast and make it up later for no reason. 49615
24 He is asking about the sites for cupping. 66144
25 She did an operation during Ramadaan and bled for several days. 67777
26 Using contact lenses after putting them in a cleaning solution does not affect the fast. 65693
27 Engaged couple exchanging affectionate words and actions, and the effect that has on fasting. 65698
28 Ruling on one who has intercourse with his wife in her back passage during the day in Ramadaan. 50452
29 She made her husband angry – will that detract from the reward for her fast?. 50763
30 Does shaving the beard invalidate the fast?. 50784
31 He is asking about dolls and three-dimensional toys, and whether that affects his fast. 49844
32 Is acid reflux one of the things that invalidate the fast?. 40696
33 Chewing gum in which there is sugar when fasting. 38206
34 Ruling on having intercourse with one's wife during Ramadaan. 49750
35 Vaccinations against meningitis do not invalidate the fast. 10901
36 Emission of semen without pleasure. 12679
37 He vomited then swallowed his vomit unintentionally – does that mean his fast is invalidated?. 12659
38 Cupping for one who is fasting. 12610
39 He swallowed blood whilst he was praying. 37937
40 Does taking blood invalidate the fast?. 37780