Sacrificial Animal & Expiations

1 What should the one who wants to offer a sacrifice refrain from doing?. 70290
2 His sacrificial animal fell and he slaughtered it before it died; does it still count as a sacrifice?. 69917
3 One sacrifice is sufficient on behalf of the members of a household even if they are one hundred strong. 45916
4 Is it permissible to share in a sacrifice even if some of them just want the meat?. 45771
5 He has two wives; should he offer two sacrifices?. 45768
6 The best animals to be sacrificed are camels, then cows, then sheep, then to share in a sacrifice. 45767
7 One sacrifice is sufficient on behalf of all the members of a household. 45544
8 A father’s sacrifice on behalf of his son does not count if he lives in a separate house. 41766
9 Should he take out a loan in order to buy the udhiyah (sacrificial animal)?. 41696
10 A sheep whose fatty tail has been cut off is not fit to be offered as a sacrifice. 37039
11 What should one say when slaughtering the udhiyah?. 36733
12 The best kinds of animals for udhiyah. 36663
13 The time for udhiyah (sacrifice). 36651
14 Slaughtering the sacrifice is better than giving its price in charity. 36645
15 Offering udhiyah on behalf of the dead. 36596
16 What should be avoided by the one who wants to offer a sacrifice. 36567
17 Udhiyah – What should be eaten and what should be given away?. 36532
18 Speaking the intention out loud when slaughtering the sacrifice. 36518
19 He bought an animal for sacrifice and it gave birth. 36494
20 For how many people is the udhiyah sufficient?. 36387