Zakaah at the end of Ramadhaan

1 Zakaat al-fitr on behalf of a wife who has been given a revocable divorce (first or second talaaq). 99585
2 Paying zakaat al-fitr on behalf of the dead. 65780
3 The difference between zakaah on wealth and zakaat al-fitr. 49632
4 Zakaat al-Fitr on behalf of kuffaar. 37637
5 When zakaat al-fitr should be paid. 37636
6 Adding something extra to zakaat al-fitr. 34801
7 He paid zakaat al-fitr on behalf of the foetus then found out that it was twins. 34766
8 There is a dispute between him and his wife – should he pay zakaat al-fitr on her behalf?. 34748
9 Paying zakaah on behalf of workers. 34519
10 Ruling on one who does not pay zakaat al-fitr although he is able to. 34516
11 Is zakaat al-fitr obligatory upon a poor person and his family?. 32751
12 Should zakaat al-fitr be given to one person, or distributed among several?. 27021
13 Can the imam of the mosque collect zakaat al-fitr, and where should it be distributed?. 27016
14 Is there a du’aa’ to be said when paying zakaat al-fitr?. 27015
15 The Jews have detained their husbands – how should they pay Zakaat al-Fitr?. 27008
16 Is it permissible for a daughter to pay zakaat al-fitr on behalf of her father?. 26770
17 The rate of zakaat al-fitr. 22888
18 To whom should zakaat al-fitr be given?. 12938
19 Ruling on zakaat al-fitr and how much is to be paid. 12459
20 Giving the price of zakaat al-fitr to a charitable organization at the beginning of Ramadaan. 10526