Ritual Bath & its Rulings

1 It is permissible to remove janaabah by means of tayammum when there is an excuse for that. 40204
2 Can he do tayammum on intensely cold days in the case of janaabah?. 70507
3 It is not sufficient to wipe the head and run the fingers through the hair when doing ghusl from janaabah. 27065
4 Is it permissible for a woman to do her household duties when she is junub?. 20847
5 If maniy comes out after doing ghusl from janaabah. 44945
6 How should a woman wash her hair when doing ghusl from janaabah?. 34776
7 How to do ghusl from janaabah. 10790
8 If a person becomes junub and does ghusl, then some maniy comes out after doing ghusl. 111870
9 He delayed the prayer until the time for it was over with no excuse; does he have to do ghusl?. 46562
10 A woman does not have to sit when doing ghusl. 96683
11 He broke wind whilst doing ghusl from janaabah; is his ghusl invalidated?. 49693
12 Does the one who takes a shower to cool down have to do wudoo’ for prayer?. 68854
13 Does a woman have to undo her hair when doing ghusl in the case of janaabah (impurity following sexual activity)?. 40329
14 Ghusl is not required if maniy is emitted with no feelings of desire. 47693
15 He did not know that ghusl from janaabah is obligatory; should he repeat the prayers?. 45648
16 He prayed on his own and leading others when he was junub; what does he have to do?. 27091
17 She prayed when she was junub by mistake – does she have to repeat the prayers?. 32680
18 She wants to do tayammum instead of doing ghusl from janaabah because she feels shy in front of her husband’s family. 42979
19 If a person does not realize that he had a wet dream until the end of the day – what should he do?. 45556
20 He had an erotic dream whilst fasting but he did not see any trace of semen. 38623