Removing Impurity

1 If he has intercourse with his wife, do his clothes become naajis. 97942
2 What is the difference between protecting oneself and avoiding in the hadeeth about the two who were being punished in their graves?. 59934
3 Ruling on the discharges that come out from the woman’s uterus. 50404
4 Is vomit impure (najis)?. 42929
5 The age at which a baby boy’s urine must be washed off. 36877
6 Does the dirt that is found under the fingernails make one’s wudoo’ invalid?. 27070
7 If a woman lengthens her garment by a handspan, it will lead to the garment getting dirty, so how can she pray in it?. 22854
8 Continuous wind and breaking wudoo’. 22843
9 Wearing gloves made of pigskin. 22713
10 He emitted madhiy (prostatic fluid) several times during tawaaf. 21270
11 How to cleanse oneself of pig-related impurity. 20843
12 Is it necessary to wash the bedclothes when they get contaminated with sexual fluids?. 14521
13 Does touching a dog make one's hand naajis (impure)?. 13356
14 What should he do if he gets urine on his clothes?. 12720
15 If one is not sure whether a dog has licked something. 10949
16 Ruling on the najaasah (impurity) of pork. 10528
17 It is permissible to use just tissues to clean oneself after defecating. 10257
18 Do clothes become naajis (impure) if they brush against something naajis?. 9652
19 Hanging out laundry on a rope on which dirty clothes have been hung. 8808
20 Ruling on yellow discharge emitted by a woman. 7776