The Importance of Prayer & the Ruling of the one who Abandons it

1 He does not pray and he lives with his girlfriend; he wants to repent and marry her. 50508
2 Fasting is not accepted if one doesn’t pray. 49698
3 The best way to call those who do not pray and to deal with innovators. 47425
4 Sometimes he feels too lazy to pray – what is the remedy?. 47123
5 He delayed the prayer until the time for it was over with no excuse; does he have to do ghusl?. 46562
6 If a woman makes a mistake about when she becomes pure following menstruation, is she sinning?. 45885
7 It is too difficult for her to do ghusl from janaabah so she does not pray, then she repents, then she does that again.. 45716
8 She forgot to do ghusl from janaabah until the sun set. 43307
9 Doing righteous deeds when one is careless about prayer. 40111
10 His boss doesn’t let him pray. 38106
11 Is work one of the excuses for which it is permissible to delay prayer beyond its time?. 36784
12 The status of prayer in Islam. 33694
13 How was prayer first prescribed?. 26155
14 She lost her mind because of drinking and missed some prayers. What is the ruling?. 23355
15 Can she sit and eat with a Muslim woman who does not pray?. 20471
16 Some of the rulings on apostasy and apostates. 14231
17 Their father tells them to pray and adhere to the teachings of Islam but he does not pray. 13708
18 He fasts in Ramadaan then he does not pray after Ramadaan. 12675
19 Ruling on marriage contract with one who was not praying then Allaah guided him. 12467
20 Ruling on taking sinners as friends. 11266