Rulings Pertaining to Prayer

41 Ruling on having chewing gum in one’s mouth when praying. 21272
42 When should a child be stopped from passing in front of a person who is praying?. 20199
43 Praying in a room at the edge of which is a toilet. 14506
44 Praying sitting down with no excuse. 13822
45 He wants to pray in school but he cannot find a place to pray in. 13705
46 What is the distance beyond which a person is not sinning if he passes in front of one who is praying?. 13700
47 Not praying when one feels drowsy. 13627
48 He joined the prayer behind the imaam but his intention was different from that of the imaam. 12787
49 A woman has to cover her body when praying even when she is behind her husband. 12612
50 It is preferable for a woman to listen to the adhaan then pray after that. 11708
51 The qiblah of the mosque is different from that indicated by the compass. 11691
52 Woman praying in a single garment. 11073
53 How to face the qiblah on board an airplane. 10945
54 He forgot that he did not have wudoo’ and he prayed. 10780
55 Ruling on smiling during prayer. 10419
56 Woman speaking aloud in prayer in the presence of her mahrams. 10245
57 Wishing for death because of intense distress. 9897
58 If he prays without wudoo’ by mistake, he has to repeat his prayer. 9023
59 How can we define the qiblah for Muslim students at the University of California?. 7535
60 Maalikis putting their hands by their sides when praying. 6109